Thursday, October 28, 2010

More on Steven's Girlfriend

Actually for those who follow his news, Steven having a steady gf is no secret at all.  As far back as 2006, there were already rumors on him dating his gf, but at the time, the reporters were more interested in writing him up as gay. Plus Steven himself was very low-key, and not promoted by TVB , so while his dating rumor subsided, his homosexuality rumor persisted.

In 2008 when promoting AJCL, Steven hinted to Eileen Cha Siu Yan in 2 separate radio interviews that he had a steady gf. Again, because he was not promoted, the press did not make a big deal of his revelation.  

Then in 2009 March, after much prodding from Eunice Lam, Ming Pao writer, Steven sadly admitted to her that he had already broken up with his gf earlier in the year. read  post 1279 Steven Ma Chun Wai: I find it difficult to truly laugh or cry

In July 2009, a more in-depth article followed entitled: Broke up, now can talk. post 1604

As to the recently separated Vivian…Ma Zai disclosed that they met through a mutual friend, and had dated for six years. Their relationship was not a secret among friends. When Ma Zai had dinners with friends, he often brought her along, too. Everybody thought their relationship was stable so much so that they thought before long they could switch to addressing her as Mrs. Ma (ma tai); who knew they had already separated months earlier. Ma Zai is a bit subdued, he says: “Yes! Broke off already; broke off already so nothing more to say about it."

“Even though he didn't make it public, but among close friends, Ma Zai had already openly admitted his and Vivian's intimate relationship. When he was doing the stage show 2007, The Chinese Hamlet, Vivian was backstage discreetly taking care of business.” 

When filming Change of Destiny, Shirley Yeung leaked to the press that Steven had a gf who frequently visited him at the set.

In mid October 2009, when filming Temptation with Fala Chen in Macao, a reporter spotted him with Vivian, along with TVB Catherine Tsang.  After slightly less than a year, Steven made up with Vivian. post 1843 

In his August 2009 Marriage blog entry in his Yahoo blog, Steven hinted that marriage may not be far off for him ---maybe within the next year or the year after.  Obviously, Steven wants to slowly ease his fans' transition to the possibility of him getting married soon.  He wrote that blog entry and has dropped numerous hints  about his possible marriage to his fans all even before the debacle with Andy Lau Tak Wah broke.

Read the recent article on him A Real Man - Steven Ma where he candidly talks about Vivian.

So his secret lover is not so secret after all to those who follow Steven’s news.  The reporter of this article did not do his homework properly, but then what can one expect of a tabloid reporter?

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