Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tai Wan Wai's Apology to Steven Ma

SM fan's baidu post on Ms. Dai - eldest daughter of HK renowed, late (2010) music teacher, Dai Si Chung (戴思聪)

In Ms. Tai Wan Wai's (戴蕴慧) 2000 book, "真心话" , she apologized to Steven for using him as a bridge to cover up the truth about her attempted suicide over her break up with her ex Taiwanese boyfriend 霍经伦. At the time, she falsely blamed Steven for leaking news of her attempted suicide to the media when she very well knew he didn't. She denied her suicide and blamed Steven for making it up, so that he became the scapegoat to take the heat off her from media speculations. Steven did not rebut but kept his silence about the whole incident. When her book absolved Steven of wrongdoing, the media contacted Steven for his reaction, all Steven said was: "Thank you to you all for clearing my name."sm baidu

Below is a quote from Ms. Tai's book as an apology to Steven for willfully causing him undue pain of her egregious lie.

"But in the end, to protect another who doesn't even care about me anymore, I willfully hurt him publicly. Put myself in his shoes, if our roles were exchanged, it's him who hurt me I would definitely feel very sad..." 

Despite being badly used and mercilessly maligned by the media, to this day Steven still remains friends with her as evinced by the below news report excerpt. 

2010: Tai Wan Wai thanked numerous friends for helping her with her father's funeral preparation including Cally Kwong and Steven Ma. "Ma Jai knows a lot more people than I so he gave lots of advice."


---- Chinese news reports----

女儿,和马仔曾经是正式上契的干姐弟,当年这个女人和台湾歌手霍经纶恋爱受挫,自杀未遂,她为转移媒体注意力,竟然拿马仔过桥,指责马仔对外放料她自杀一事,对此莫须有的罪责,善良的马仔选择“自己吞下“,当时媒体给马仔泼了很多脏水,他都默默承受,直到后来这个女人良心发现,在自己的名叫《真心话〉一书中委婉的向马仔道歉,马仔通过媒体知道这件事后,也只是淡淡的说:“谢谢你们还我清白“。  sm baidu


此 外 ﹐ 記 者 致 電 聯 絡 馬 浚 偉 ﹐ 他 對 有 關 傳 聞 扯 到 他 身 上 好 無 奈 ﹐ 他 說 ﹕ 「 首 先 戴 蘊 慧 同 邊 個 拍 拖 與 我 無 關 ﹐ 亦 唔 會 理 ﹐ 第 二 ﹐ 師 母 年 紀 咁 大 ﹐ 身 體 不 好 ﹐ 希 望 大 家 不 要 騷 擾 她 ﹐ 第 三 ﹐ 這 件 事 最 慘 便 是 芷 菁 無 辜 被 拖 落 水 。 」 而 前 一 日 傳 出 此 事 ﹐ 他 亦 否 認 了 ﹐ 同 時 也 找 到 真 真 ﹐ 她 亦 表 示 無 自 殺 。... 但 戴 蘊 慧 自 殺 被 傳 是 她 搞 宣 傳 之 外 ﹐ 亦 有 人 反 指 斥 其 實 做 宣 傳 的 是 馬 浚 偉 ﹐ 記 者 往 後 再 聯 絡 馬 仔 ﹐ 他 說 ﹕ 「 無 論 如 何 ﹐ 總 之 係 啞 仔 食 黃 蓮 啦 ﹗ 佢 哋永 遠 係 我 老 師 、 師 母 、 契 妹 ﹐ 我 希 望 佢 哋 活 得 開 心 ﹐ 身 體 健 康 ﹐ 佢 哋 對 我 做 任 何 事 我 都 會 體 諒 。 」link



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