Saturday, October 16, 2010

Drunk Writing – It


It, brings to us, space!
It, has always been very mysterious, very strange, and unfathomable.
Perhaps I will ask: Today, what should I do?
The right thing? The wrong thing?
Anyway, right wrong is hard to separate!
To separate? Whom to ask?
If already a reality, no need to ask,
Yet to be a reality, just do it, no need to ask, either!
So, the choices, where are they?
I’ll keep in mind what Today can do, let it decides then.
But, I’ve never asked, never asked Yesterday or Tomorrow,
what they want Today to do?
Never asked Yesterday how it spent its day?
Also, never asked Tomorrow what it wants to do, either?
I thought they communicate with each other,
When in fact, they don’t know each other at all.
Yesterday never knew Today exists.
And Today is not concern with Yesterday’s or Tomorrow’s fate.
As for Tomorrow, its sight is set so high it spares no thought for those behind it.
Consequently, though plainly intertwined as a pulse, they go their own separate way!
Wrong! I was wrong! I was too permissible with them!
Wrong! I was wrong! I didn’t tell Yesterday that Today was its child;
I didn’t tell Today that Yesterday was its mother;
I didn’t tell Tomorrow that without Yesterday & Today, there’s no you!
Wrong! I was wrong! If only I had taught Today well from the start.
Then the problems with Yesterday and Tomorrow would not have occurred.
And I will not have to worry about those three!
Fortunately, it’s still not too late, seize the present,
Teach Today well. 

pp 88-89

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