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LOW - Fans Meeting @ Hengdian (1)

part 1
Shanghai fans’ Meeting with Steven at Hengdian
2005/ 12/ 26

Finally the day arrived; luckily the weather wasn’t too cold, probably around 5-10 degrees Celsius. KaKa, Xiao Feng and I boarded the train for the 4- hour ride to Yi Wu for our 3-day excursion to visit Steven Ma in Hengdian filming LOW. After checking in our hotel we staked out at its lobby. It was about 6 pm then. Soon, vanload after vanload of thespians was dropped off at the front entrance but we did not recognize any of them, until we spied Sonija Kwok. Assuming us her fans, she, of her own accord, graciously took pictures with us. She was pretty in person and I complimented her as such. She smiled and nodded. Soon after, we saw Moses arrived. While having our pictures taken together, I asked him if Mazai had returned. He did not know but guessed maybe not yet. While waiting we saw Moses’ loyal fan, Ammy. Since she was by herself here, she decided to room with us. It was getting close to dinner time and the lobby had become crowded. Amongst its milling guests were Moses, Liu Dan, Chris Lai, Kenny Wong, John Chiang .. and many others that I had no names for. Gradually, the lobby crowd left for dinner outside.

At around 6:15 pm, while we girls were talking, Ammy suddenly shrieked, ‘Ma Jun Wei!’ Xiao Feng and I looked around, “Where? Where?” And then, Ammy let out yet another shriek, this time louder still, “Ma Jun Wei!!” I saw him now. Mazai was coming down the staircase with a group of colleagues. My first reaction was to ready the camera, while Xiao Feng still asked, “Where?” Ammy shrieked for the 3rd time, “Ma Jun Wei!!!” I saw Mazai started, stunned for at least 3 seconds. Xiao Feng finally saw him and unable to contain her excitement, shrieked, “Ah” at the highest possible decibel. Mazai, who had since managed some steps, was again stunned (for about 5 seconds) at hearing Xiao Feng’s shriek. That was a long walk down the staircase for Mazai. Seeing him about to leave the hotel with his colleagues, we rushed over to him and told him who we were. Mazai immediately stood still and, without being asked, took pictures with us. While we were taking pictures, his colleagues came in from outside to make trouble; here dragging Mazai away; there urging him to hurry; and next, separating us from Mazai, and holding him tight, simpered: Come come, let’s take some photos together…. Xiao Feng became agitated and entreated him: “Bang bang mang lah, please lah, shuai ge, (haha! Actually should call him shuai uncle) give us a few more minutes ma.” Mazai grinned and told them to stop fooling around, and even booted the whole lot of them out the door. After their exit, the world became much quieter. And we presented our presents to him. Later, Ammy requested Mazai to sing pitnol themesong, which he did. About 15 minutes later, Mazai took his leave of us, promising to meet again tomorrow in Hengdian. Mazai later told us that he actually came back quite early that day, took a nap and upon waking up felt hungry so ate a bowl of instant noodle. He wanted to skip dinner altogether but he had to keep his dinner appointment with his friends - lucky for us he did.

A condensed paraphrased version of 大海探班 revised version of her 2005 dec 26-28th meeting with Steven in Hengdian.

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