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Show of Support for Steven Ma as TV King

Steven Ma Celebrates Birthday; Good Friends Bid Him Best Wishes in Competing TV King.
Source: 10/28/2010 wenweipo ; macaodaily 
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Mentor Catherine Tsang, Leung Choi Yuen Offer Encouragement; Kent Cheng Supports Steven Ma as TV King.

On October 26th, Steven Ma celebrated his 39th birthday.  Because this year his series, A Watchdog’s Tale and Ghost Writer, have garnered both good reviews and ratings, the first well-wishes words coming from close friends who celebrated his birthday in the last few days were for him to win “TV King”.  Currently, Steven has the collective support from his mentor, Catherine Tsang, and tvb producer, Leung Choi Yuen, who loves him like a godson, as well as close friend, Kent Cheng.  Besides attending his birthday dinner, they also presented him a “Little Prince” cake to wish him well in winning this year TV king honor through his breakthrough performances in his two series.  

Touted as TVB General Fortune, Steven’s series have in recent years become the ‘cannonball’ of rating guarantee to fight TVB’s outside battles.  Earlier in the year, at the risk of becoming ‘cannon fodder’, Ghost Writer pitted against World Cup, but its ratings still soared above 40 points, demonstrating the formidable might of the ‘cannonball’.  It was precisely due to Ghost Writer that Steven’s wallet subsequently inflated.  Just a month and a half of stage performances earned him the deposit for a luxury apartment.  Zhan Jie has spent fifteen years painstakingly cultivating Steven’s growth; at seeing Ghost Writer’s excellent result, she is gratified by his indomitable spirit of ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’.  Her presence at his birthday dinner is the greatest support and encouragement to him. 

Uncle Choi says since collaborating with Steven, the “General Fortune”, the average ratings of his three series productions, ‘A Watchdog’s Tale’, ‘Ghost Writer’ and ‘When the Lanes Merged’ are all in top 10 rank, breaking TVB production record of a producer having the most quantity of series in top 10 within a year.  Uncle Choi says in his mind, Steven has always been a good actor, and that he is this year best candidate for TV King. 

Judging as a movie king, Kent Cheng opines: “He should have long gotten the award; that he did not was just lack of luck.  His acting has depth and very professional. In my lifetime, I seldom admire other people but he is one of them I admire very much. When at work, has a serious attitude, very meticulous and assiduous at analyzing every character. Nowadays, not everybody would do that.  This is what is called professionalism. So I support him.  In my heart, he is already a tv king.  Among tvb numerous dai & siu sangs, his acting skill absolutely qualifies. It has substance and real strength.

"Fei Lou Bai, reading what you said truly touched me! I will work hard, promise! Know you're currently filming in Mainland. Wishing you smooth sailing, good health and happiness! Siu Ma."
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