Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Steven won the lottery

haha! What a lovely surprise for dear Steven on his birthday too!

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10/27 23:17Can't restrain my elation anymore! On the 25th, the day before my birthday, I got a safe from a friend. At first I thought there was nothing inside, but then, realized there was actually a sheet of treasure map in it. Haha! It's a 6 digit lottery! Tin ah! (Oh, heaven!) I only found out just now; matching the numbers I actually won a prize! Wah! I'm going crazy with happiness! And what's more, the lottery opened on the26th, my birthday! Tin ah! very thankful, truly extremely thankful to that friend of mine! 

10/27  17:44 When you all have the time, do drop by tvbblog.  I finally wrote my first entry there personally!

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