Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday weibo entries
10/26 7:24 Very thankful to all brothers and sisters for their well wishes, very thankful and very moved too! Actually, I have one mindset that has never changed. Birthday to me is a day of remembrance for my mother. That day was her most painful day but at that time besides crying, I knew nothing! Haha! Mother has left me many years now, but this day every year, my mindset remains the same, and also every year my first wish is this: Wishing Mama you will always be happy!
真心多謝所有弟兄姊妹的祝福,很感謝,也很感動!其實,我有一個心態從來沒變,生日對我來說,是一個記念母親的日子,那天,是她最痛的一天,但那時我除了 哭,什麼都不懂!哈哈,母親離開我已很多年了,但每年今天,我的心態都是一樣,而每年我第一個心願也是這個,祝媽媽妳永遠快樂!

10/26 1:03 Birthday had friends, and also beautiful scenery, what more can a man ask for.

10/25 18:45
Thank you everybody for your pictures, all very well done. But because there were so many I could only snap a few. But the important thing is that I have received your regards. Thank you, am very moved!

10/25 15:49
A friend gave me this very special birthday present! Haha! I truly never had thought of getting one myself! Good, so now I have two questions: 1) Are there any treasures inside? 2) I don’t know how to open it! Haha! Anyway, thank you very much!

16:31 It does not come with a manual. Moreover, needs to distinguish before and after. If not for my intelligence, would not be able to crack open it! Hahahaha!
16:21 I got it open! Happy! No treasure…haha!

馬浚偉 是没有说明书的,还要分先后,若不是本人聪明,绝对打不开!哈哈哈哈!(今天 16:31)
馬浚偉 打开了!开心!没宝物..........哈哈!(今天 16:21)
10/25 13:13 多谢兄弟,你们可好?

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