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Steven's characters as contestants in Mr. HK Pageant

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translated by tamaya.

Steven's characters as contestants in Mr. HK Pageant 
   The Winning Circle

 (国际亲善先生) Mr. International: Shi Tu Lei Shun (Return of the Cuckoo) 

Obviously, as a reporter prince he is fluent in both English & French.  Thus international traveling is no problem to him.  He has lots of friends and relatives.  A mob of female colleagues fervently waving hand held signs hollering: Lei Shun, Lei Shun.  I swoon for you!  This contestant has a delicate appearance, an elegant bearing, and a face like an unblemished jade as well as being impeccably attired. His only flaw is his poor eyesight because he chose the wrong answers for all ten questions during the multiple choice segment; guess this good-looker is not good at making choices at all.  

quote: If, and I say if, my mute friend can speak, maybe standing on this stage today would be him.  Man Cho, I’ll forever owe you, take care!


~~~~(最上镜先生) Mr. Photogenic: Xiao Xuan Zi (Domd 1998)~~~
Beautiful face – who can resist?  Naturally photogenic!

(超越自然肌肤奖) Best natural skin award: Xiao Xuan Zi (Domd 1998)

Need to say more? Smooth, tender, fair skin, adorable.

Akazukin: What can we say, the Emperor got the best tonic to give him the smoothest, most tender fairest skin for intake everyday.

(倾城美态大奖)'Beauty that can topple a city' award: Chow Sai Hin (PITNOL)

If Sai Hin is not beautiful, then who is?  Possesses absolute gorgeousness and refinement

(纤体美态大奖) Rod thin appearance award: Sheung Ji (Safeguards)  

Daily sunning under the scorching sun, how not to become a bamboo rod?
This pageant most manly candidate, also the most taciturn.  Superior in every aspect except for being overly reserved and lack romantic moves.  Halfway through the swimming trunks show, he suddenly received a phone call from his wife, Cheung Fung, asking him to go home to keep her company.  Thus the candidate rushed out from the site.


 (最佳才艺大奖)Most talented award: Chueng Sung Man (LOW)
Multi-talented in flute, chess, books, drawing, classic literatures

A most charming contestant, very talented especially in playing the flute; the melodies are enchanting and stirring. An impeccable dresser.  But not good at self-promotion. Female judges hardly saw him.  Plus he had his age entered as 18 years old,  therefore suspicious of faked information he did not make the top three. 

(千禧才智大奖) Extreme shrewdness award: Chuen Ka Fuk (Better Halves)
Because of appearance, this contestant can only be the 'runner' of 'runners'.  But he brought the house down with his witty answers in the Q&A segment invoking loud applause and laughter from the judges and audience alike.  He was simply brilliant.   

quote:  I've no particular experiences to speak of.  Haha!  But the thing is,  this is Hong Kong 10th year anniversary, very auspicious therefore very suitable for weddings.  So those of you who are of marrying age, hurry to Yat Sin Hin to register… (host: Hey, no self-advertising on TVB station)   


(芙蓉美态大奖) Emerging Lotus beauty award:Tong Ji Gou (BOL)

Muscle cramp in the swimming pool, arising out of the water like a water lotus. So movingly winsome! Look at the picture and will know why a rising lotus movement belongs to him. Anyway, Mr. Tong is the only one willing to bare his upper body. So an award for him.

Tong Ji Gou is a professional, public attorney.  Handsome with superior qualities but in this pageant did not stand out, what a pity.  Maybe a slip-up in the talent show.  His dancing was a mess, no dancing skill at all.

quote: Initially really had no self-confidence at all, but looking at the snapshot, only then realized that my figure is not bad at all!


(最璀璨服饰大奖) Best Wardrobe Award: See Tse San (VOH2)

Who doesn't know Master Hill is a natural born clothes hanger! Whatever outfit he has on is always the most fashionable and trendy.  

It’s been said that clothes made the man. This contestant’s outer appearance is already superb to start with, especially his gorgeous facial features, but now accentuated by beautiful clothes and accessories he stands out even more. However, aside from his good looks, there is nothing much outstanding to commend him. His performance was not even as good as Chu Hou Yin’s.   He started out as a hot favorite and as a rich man’s son but half way through, his family suddenly fell into hard times.  In the training camp he borrowed money from his fellow contestants.

quote: Beautiful clothes, I’m going to leave you all soon, I can’t bear to do it but don’t worry, I’ll be back soon and will win you all back.  


(最完美体态大奖) Mr. Perfect Body

Who? If you don't know who, then check out the picture of the man attired in black.  Self-explanatory, no commentary necessary!

This mysterious man refused to reveal his real name.  He said after these two months everybody will sure to remember his name.  His most eye-catching feature is his perfect physique; his body hugging dance clothes accentuated his beautiful body contour with his slim waist of 26 inches.  A most formidable rival among the contestants. His long legs dancing hot Latin dances left lasting impression of his charm and sexiness.


最具人气网上最夺目佳丽)大奖:Netizens' Most popular award:Chow Sai Hin (Pitnol)

Allegedly, the most charming, a lady-killer, and the most pursued.


Mr. Congeniality: Cou Ji (WTLB)

Appearance, refinement, physique – all are not weak; moreover, his literary talent is peerless. But his vulnerability suffered during the training camping session. See, we’re all strong masculine men, why are you like a delicate damsel? But it is precisely because of his lack of competitiveness.  Per beauty: he can’t compete with Xiao Xuan Zi; per refinement superiority – he can’t compete with Chow Sai Hin; per talent – he can’t compete with Cheung Tsung Man: per charisma – he can’t compete with Sheung Ji; per sexiness – he can’t compete with that person dressed in black; plus he is always melancholy and pensive. 

Sorry la! No award for you. You are a perpetuate 'runner' alongside the beauties. Who ask you to be always too giving and trusting?  Cry when lost? Too gentle and kindly? Not much competitiveness inside you. This big award got to be yours, no contest!


Mr. Hong Kong champion: Chow Sai Hin
3 big awards: Champion + Alluring charm+ Most popular 

This contestant is more mature, reticent, calm and compose, compassionate and likable 

Has class and a gracious style, so as Mr. Hong Kong is inevitable.

Quote:Cheung Ping, did you see that? I  did not let you down. I'm back!"


1st runner up: Aixinjueluo. Xuan Ye

3 big awards: 1st runner + most photogenic + transcendent natural skin 

The youngest contestant, though only 16 years of age, performance was regal,  and words, golden.  Gorgeous, stunning, first time competing, bewitchingly beautiful, females judges were all under his spell.  Hailed as a hot favorite by the press in the beginning, but his popularity took a dive to second place due to emerging rumors with Wai Siu Bao.


2nd runner up: Yuan Xi 
Why? This contestant is not ‘hot’, average in form, in character, in talents. But he is well-verse in feng shui, very useful in a beauty pageant.  A black horse among the contestants.  In the beginning, was viewed as 'runner'. But in semi night, performance was miraculously superior. As if fortune smiled upon him, other contestants seemed to suddenly lose focus and become confused by outer power in their answers during the interview portion.

quote:  This prize is my first step towards avenging my teacher! Huoyi Na, do you still think I'm still a good-for-nothing small fry? 


Mr. Universe Champion - Steven Ma 

And now we'll invite Mr. Universe, the renowned tv star, Mr. Steven Ma, to present the awards to the winners. Train your eyes on Mr. Universe, have you all seen such a handsome, gorgeous man?  All candidates gasped: "Omg! So shuai! Have never seen someone so shuai!  No wonder we all lost to him!"

Words from unsuccessful candidates

Ji Yan Chu
Initially a hot favorite with his beautiful countenance and fine breeding. 

Insights gained: That gathering training camp was too strenuous. The food there was not for human consumption.  And could only wear one assigned outfit per day, and could only take one shower per day.  Truly torturing.  So after 3 days, I decided to forfeit the competition, and went home... there's no place as comfortable as home!  That training camp would not even allow bodyguards!  Too much..!


Cheung Ka Yu
My mother made me enter.  Really but I'd much rather help her sell vegetables.  Because in the training camp I could not be with my nurse jie jie.  It was unbearable!  Those wood-like men would not talk to me, even complain I talked too much.... 


Chu Ho Yin
Who sent in the completed entry form for me ya?  I..I..I..there's no way I will parade in my swimming trunks.  (blushed for 30 minutes)  My father will not be happy!  Reportedly, this candidate took off before the swimming section.  


Gam Yuan
Believes that if have the competitive will, can sharpen even a metal rod into needle.'s a pity, face is too tan, the panel of judges could not distinguish his individual facial features... when not chosen, he was not devastated instead he rushed to the horse race  club.


Wang Mang:

This candidate while inside the training camp did not utter a word, a most enigmatic man whose stealthy observation of people aroused much suspicions among the contestants.  Moreover, the ugly looking hairdo distracted his beauty, what a waste.


Chan Cheuk Hui

The problem is not this; the problem is that I'm sorry to say,  you did not have me do things of importance, instead you had me paraded in front of the public.  I despise this kind of judging...

---- The End-----


From asianfanatics:
Tamaya: The Mr. HK pageant thread was started in 2007 so recent characters were not included.  I like his Qing look too - my vote went to Cou Ji, Domd and LOW. I love Cou Ji more than Kangxi but undoubtedly Kangxi is more beautiful than Cou Ji. That skin of his (in domd) rivaled the ladies'. Modern: Chi Ko (BOL), Ah On (AJCL); and I was torn between Ka Jun (Steps) and Shi Tu Li Xun (cuckoo), picked the former in the end. I totally dislike Chu Ho Yin's look myself. Steven looked terrible! Ah Kung got sympathy votes, that's all!

Akazukin: Kangxi is very beautiful but I voted for Tse Wong Sheung instead of Kangxi because I like Tse Wong Sheung's manly charm. Kangxi looks too pretty that he is a threat to the women at that era.The modern is a more difficult pick for me, because I'm less familiar with the characters, but I ended up picking Kei Yin Jo  (can't forget the first time I'm charmed by him), Chi Ko (obviously, he is a hot favourite), and debated between Ka Jun and Chi Yat Bo, but because of my biased self, I voted for Chi Yat Bo.  As to whether Ah Kung gained sympathy votes, why does Chu Ho Yin has less than him then? Actually, I think Ah Kung got a style of his own.

Tamaya: Because there's this pro-Gong Zai group led by one baidu's webmistress 端着茶跑 formed especially to combat the relentless bashing of Ah Gong led by the other baidu's webmistress. 采苕 (all in fun of course. Fans love Steven no matter how his characters look like, I think!)  But even I thought Chu zai's look was too ong goi!  Actually,  when the pageant first started, the thread starter even deliberately left out Ah Gong out of the contest just so he won't be humiliated, until pro-Gong group demanded that he be added in. Haha!

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