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Quiet Time; Action Time.

Quiet Time; Action Time.
For the past 2 years, be it his Sheung Chi in Safeguards, or Cheung Shung Man in The Land of Wealth, even that of Ching Ka Tsun in Steps, there has been a noticeable and decidedly departure of Mazai’s acting style and character roles from his earlier series such as his “Ah Joe”, or “Cao Ji” in Where the Legend Begins. His previously delicate, refined scholarly looks now have an added look of masculinity; and his actions, more decisive. As such, his transformation elicits this impulse to get to know this new Mazai through a new eye.

There’s this Confucian saying, 三十而立(a man to be well-established by age 30). By that age, most men have gone through an inevitable transformation: becoming more mature, more charismatic, and more ambitious.

Steven admits, “These past 2 yeas, I did change a lot. It’s like suddenly I discovered many new interests and took up various hobbies. Like earlier on, I fell in love with photography. Because a snapshot can tell a story. People at different age level will accordingly see and experience life differently. If say, people find their own identities before age 30; then after age 30, they strive to be their true selves– to live their lives according to their newly acquired perspective, and to be true to themselves. Now, I realize that life is not just for fulfilling other people’s expectations, but more so, for seeking out one’s own desired lifestyle. Just like nowadays, despite their kids’ protests, many parents pressured their kids to learn new stuff, thereby, suffocating them and constricting their lifestyle. This can induce burnout, even depression to their kids.”

Mazai, a sports enthusiast, likes to play badminton and table tennis with friends from showbiz or outside, besides jogging and swimming.

Most people look upon good health as something to seek. But Mazai disagrees. “I think good health is a kind of responsibility, to ourselves and to the people around us. A healthy lifestyle or a dissolute lifestyle is not caused by environment but by how we choose to live our lives. When young, we grew up under our parents’ care and protection. Now that we’re grown, we should even more so, take care of our health, for our parents and for our love ones. If our health is compromised, not only will our parents grieve but also our wives and children will lose their support. Also, those who care about us will be affected too.”

As to the health fad in the present society, “Mazai cautions, “Nowadays, there are an abundance of books and shows on health issues; undoubtedly, it’s good to increase one’s knowledge on them, but at the same time, health knowledge does not makes one a doctor. So don’t try to overly self diagnose one’s health problem(s). After all, our health is of an utmost importance to us. Leave the diagnoses to the professionally trained doctors.”

Regarding the patients, Mazai has had a personal experience with them. "Two years ago, I published a book entitled, “Relatives of a Terminal Patient.” For that, I interviewed many patients’ families and encountered many strange diseases. These family members founded a support group to encourage and support each other. Like Professor Chung of 《再生會》, who untiringly imbues patients with hope and courage to face their sickness, and to start anew.

“Those who don’t know me well will, from my appearance, thought I am of the delicate and introvert kind of men. Actually, my personality can be defined more as “indomitable”, even obstinate. If I disagree with or don’t want to do something, nobody can make me. I’ll not be obsequious to you just because of your position or power. My opinion of a person is entirely based on his morals, not his status.

“On aside, I’m of an impatient personality. Even the sports I prefer are of the fast action ones such as: badminton, table tennis, swimming and jogging etc. So now I wish to learn fishing with friends. So that, through this ‘slow’ sport, I could cultivate my patience, thus, balancing the rhythm of my life more evenly. There’s time for action, & there’s time for quiet – only when these 2 rhythms are balanced will a healthy lifestyle be possible. Earlier on, on my blog, I wrote a piece on life. Some readers misunderstood that I was ambivalent about life. On the contrary, it’s because I treasure life that I choose to discuss it, and to ponder over the value of life.

“Many young people, even adults gripe about life lacking excitement or goals. Actually, they should have aspirations, so that they have something to work for. “Be true to oneself" 活出真我 is a slogan everybody’s familiar with, but how many actually did it, or have the courage to do it? “

His career accomplishments are out there for all to see. So what else does he wish to accomplish? Mazai reveals that he has a dream; it’s like how the novel goes – to cruise around the world in 90 days. (sic –isn’t it 80 days? ).

“I’ll be ecstatic if this dream comes true. Even though the cost is steep, but I think I can still afford it. But to take a 3 month’s leave from work, now that poses too big of a sacrifice and commitment. But Hong Kong people are coped up everyday in a confined space, so naturally, their insights of the world will tend to be limited. So if there’s a chance to see the big, wide world with own eyes - that will make me very happy. Experiencing a trip around the world is like experiencing one lifetime. To see the world afresh through a new eye. Naturally new thoughts & perspectives will arise from such new insights."

Most people see the entertainment people as superficial, and that they do not reveal their real selves to the public. This erroneous perception is mainly due to the entertainment “out there” kind of work. People are easily misled or influenced by television and by tabloids' negative stories. But if other fields such as the commerce or politics are so scrutinized, their backstabbing and hypocrisy are no less, if not more.

“My attitude towards the “fake masks” has always been to ignore them, and to treat them accordingly. In this circle, if they’re decent, then we’ll be friends. If uncomfortable with them, then I’ll avoid them. In the circle, there’s always people who like to gossip. Whenever I meet them, I’ll take the stance that it’s none of my business, as such, do not concern me. If you don’t feel like talking, then don’t talk. If you don’t want to listen, then don’t listen. So all that superficiality will not affect me, true not only in the entertainment circle, but also in life.”

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