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transcript to Steven talks of JY's love for SS from vid

Actually from start to end, I'm not Ji Yuen but I understand Ji Yuen's way of thinking, because I feel that my personality is quite similar to Nip Ji Yuen.. er. I hope...if I sincerely hope that she is truly happy..actually, all along I'd wanted to hand her over to Yi Siu because Yi Siu's family is rich, although his health has problems, but later he is cured, only that he is later killed by a bad person. Also if she is with Wu Tin Hin, my heart is very reassured. Because I don't know what I can give her. Furthermore, because of my previous job, I had crossed many people, hence at any time, they might come after me to kill me. Or maybe have to live in poverty. When I truly love a person, it is not necessary to possess her. When you truly love a person, you'll be happy to see her living a good life and be secure. That's good enough. This is Ji Yuen's mindset. Of course, later, em..also prior, I caused the death of her parents. This guilt lays heavy on Ji Yuen's mind and torments him. But unfortunately, Yi Xiu will die but actually.. I feel I'm not good enough for her, actually Ji Yuen feels unworthy of her, ¦that no matter how much he tries to make amends, in Ni Ji Yuen's heart he feels nothing he do can right the wrong. Because he has previously misplaced his trust on a person called Tou Yin Long, thereby causing the death of so many innocent people. So the heart of Qing dynasty undercover suffers an enormous trauma. The person he loves most is Sing Suet.. he loves Sing Suet more than he loves his own life. But the only thing he can do is ensure Sing Suet's happiness. But fate plays a joke, if Sing Suet is truly with Yi Siu, then Nip Ji Yuen will can go on his merry way and disappear, maybe now and then appear to protect them, but reality often differs. 

Tavia in her VIP interview said that while Sing Suet has only 'yi' towards 2 xiu she loves Ji Yuen like a woman loves a man. Tavia also talked about how well and naturally Steven and she worked together.

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