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Tsui Yong Yong: Willing to Increase One's Value, Only Then Will Have Options.

Posted 13 June 2010 - 09:40 PM
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Source: East Week Magazine; June Issue
Translator: Tamaya @

Willing to Increase One's Value, Only Then Will Have Options.

2002 summer, the year when my spirit was at its driest point, ever. My spirit was often listless, stuck in a state of languor. My enthusiasm to pursue news had completely faded, and I couldn't care less of the happenings around me.

At the time, I could not pin point the reason for my unhappiness, not until I read Ji Xianlin's (Ji Lao) words: "I am 93 years old already, with one foot in the grave, therefore, I have to work extra harder to finish my heart's desires."

Ah! So, the crux was this, I had come to a standstill; so, I had been living in a 'horrifying' state of complacency; I no longer thought of improving and upgrading myself. How do I shed this state of languor? Verily, what Ji Lao said was indeed a shot of sobering serum. I did not want myself to be constantly counting down the days to my retirement; I didn't want to bury alive my own life with my own hands.

I decided to take a break!

On the day I tendered in my resignation letter, I called up my female friend to go for a walk on the mountains; a time to meditate and readjust my mind and spirit. Suddenly, the phone rang: "Do you still remember my mentioning to you about publishing blueprints? How about venturing into the publishing world together?"

That was what my present boss, Steven Ma, proposed to me then. It was this one phrase, "together create a cultural blueprint" that inspired me to accompany him for eight years to venture into a new environment. Henceforth, no regretting, no retreating. The hardship and adversity experienced in between, I chalked them all up as the learning process. These past eight years, what I feel and what I gain, no outsiders can even begin to understand.

A few years back, I observed how Steven, when rehearsing for his stage show "Chinese Hamlet", was so anxious that he could hardly eat and hardly sleep. During the few months of rehearsals and the few days of performances, I noticed that he had become so thin his cheeks were hollow; at that time, my heart could only ache for him.

Who would have thought that May this year, when accompanying Steven in his shooting of the mv for Ghost Writer, the director requested him to act out, amidst hanging sheets of fabric curtains, the state of confused thoughts, seeking out love, and the futility of pursuing ideals. With just a show of a hand, he captured the timing impeccably; the pose incredibly beautiful; both the videographer's heart and mine were momentarily awed. Turns out, what he gained from the earlier stage rehearsals, he could now apply in another performance. This is obtained through self-improvement. The learning process may be arduous and lonely, but when it has an opportunity to unsheathe itself from its scabbard, the sword revealed will gleam all that more brighter.

This realization reassured me even more than ever that rather than expending energy on people who do not look out for us, it is better to expend our energy into doing something worthwhile, only then will life has more value. Willing to appreciate one's value, only then will have options to choose from." (肯增值自己,才有选择的机会) Quote unquote Steven Ma's maxim. I agree with his saying; this is what is called, "comrades".

Source: East Weekly Magazine.
Guest Writer: Chiu Yong Yong
Ms. Chiu Yung Yung (徐蓉蓉) is the former Director of Interviews of Ming Pao Weekly Magazine before she became Steven Ma's personal manager cum Managing Director of his publishing company in 2003 to this day.

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