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Ghost Writer: Pu Chung Ling

Posted 02 June 2010 - 09:43 AM

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Naturally intelligent, extremely quick-witted, enjoys exploring and travelling, uninhibited, and interested in studying the strange and bizarre. Chung Ling has a strong sense of righteousness, deplores the worldly state of affair, abhors the collusion between officials and merchants so is dissatisfied with his father’s modus operandi. Not until the Po family is victimized by unscrupulous officials did Chung Ling become pragmatic and cool-headed. He employs wisdom, talents and knowledge as he intermingles with unscrupulous officials. In relationship, Chung Ling is very serious and resolute towards love, and greatly values brotherhood; that is why he let go of his beloved, Lau Sam Yu, to his best friend, Ko Jit.

Background Pu was born in Jinan, Shandong, of a family of generations of New Year artwork printers. Chung Ling’s mother died giving birth to him; at the time, he did not cry nor move, slowly expiring. When the roof tiles kicked by the fox previously rescued by Po Pan fall onto the floor from high above, Chung Ling suddenly let out a ‘wah’ and started crying. Chung Ling has been miraculously reborn, and brought much fortune to the Po family. For that, his father loves him even more. Incidentally, Chung Ling from young shows an affinity with animals, as if he understands what they say.

From young, Chung Ling has been a speedy reader, and ranks among the best in exam results. Po Pan has high expectations for him and hopes he will carry on the family New Year artwork business. But Chung Ling does not like to be tied down, plus he dislikes his father’s conduct thus deliberately takes to drinking and fooling around. Because of various misunderstandings, the enmity between father and son deepens daily. Chung Ling likes to investigate crimes with good friend, Ko Jit. Because of his knowing Lau Sam Yu and Ling Wu Siu Tsui, a complicated love relationship ensues.

Translated by Tamaya
source: TVB

Posted 10 June 2010 - 01:32 PM
Tamaya: Now that I got thinking, PSL own personality before mishaps befell him must be somewhat like how Steven portrayed him -- innately lively, precocious, frivolous, romantic, righteous, rebellious, and of course, extremely inquisitive, observant, imaginative and possessing a strong social conscience. I guess his latent literacy inclination in him was brought out and sharpened by his life experiences. Nothing like the combo of unfulfilled aspirations, broken love relationship and disillusionment to sour one's character. PSL's outlet was to spend the rest of his life writing satirical stories on the bureaucracies and society. --- the moral in all his stories --- humans can be scarier than ghosts and spirits.

In this 2010 interview on Pu Chong Ling with Eileen Cha, Fala Chen says that Steven's own personality is very similar to Pu's in that Steven is empathetic and righteous.  Fala: well..yeah..a bit similar..yeah.. PSL is a very warmhearted person, he cares about many things; and be concerned; when he notices something, he’ll observe that person, and tries to put himself in that person’s situation; that part is very like him (Steven).


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