Friday, November 19, 2010

Ghost Writer: Pu Chung Ling's near death experience

Posted 25 June 2010 - 01:04 PM
ep 14

I find the whole scene on PSL clinging tenuously to life very well done, and quite thought provoking, too.

When dealing with the sudden and untimely death of a love one, besides being overwhelmed by a sense of loss and sorrow, a person generally goes through these intense emotions of anger, denial and acceptance.

But how would a spirit tottering on the brink of death react to its own circumstance?

When PSL’s spirit sees his body on his deathbed, though shocked, there is no overtly display of histrionics. A widening of eyes and a gasp from his mouth, and a weakening of limbs. His emotions are all silently internalized as his eyes tear up uncontrollably, and as he unhesitatingly without any dramatic stuttering the all inevitable question, “Am I dead?”

So feeble is his flick of life flame that he can’t even summon up any stronger emotions than that seeping of comprehension and that sinking of heart. There is no big moment of epiphany or panic, just reality-stricken. Gone too is PSL’s big personality as a mortal - that fiery & outspoken and full of life personality though not as yet snuffed out was all but blunted by Imminent Death. His soul stripes down to the bare essence of his spirit, though no specific moment of epiphany, he now sees more clearly unencumbered as he is now by human emotions. It is true a near death experience can totally change one’s perspective on life, sometimes too belatedly and at times paying too high of a price. In fact, throughout the whole scene of his awakening to his search of his love element, there is this very distinct aura of stillness if not stupor, around his spirit. A feeling of being very quiet, very understating, very unsettling, and very sad --- of something still left undone, of the unpreparedness and unwillingness of a soul to leave the mortal world, and there is the tug between resignation and fear.

To be alive, one’s soul must be firmly tethered to heaven, earth and humans, and that it must possess its 7 elements of delight/liking, anger, sadness, happiness, love, evil, lust/desire/covertness. PSL is missing his love element. Where can it be?

Steven’s performance as the spirit in limbo? brilliant!

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