Friday, November 5, 2010

Editor lambasted Cupid Stupid's scriptwriters for its stupid ending

China TV weekly issue 226. 
Editor lambasted Cupid Stupid's scriptwriters for its  stupid ending.

Snippets from the lengthy review laboriously typed in by a Steven fan. (sm baidu)

There's this quip that Steven Ma + Tavia Yeung's collaborated series = overseas release. Please someone tell me what are the criteria for being released overseas? 

The series is supposedly about horoscopes, but besides its title, horoscopes are barely touched in the series. It is just a pretext for another cliche 1 female two men love entanglement. It revolves around Twinkle's choice.

Yat Bo is always there for Twinkle. Goon Sing takes Twinkle onto the right path to her aspiration. Her choice will almost certainly decide the direction of her future lifestyle - stability & happiness, or excitement and aspiration But then again, love is not equivalent to the whole of life because life's choices need to be rationale whereas love is totally an emotional thing. Even though Twinkle is beset with confusion and indecision, but surely deep down in her heart she knows whom she truly love? Actually, right from the start she has already known bah? All these so-called fate and predestined, horoscopes compatibility, none of them can't hold up against the true feelings of one's heart.

That's why we all assumed that Twinkle who has liked Yat Bo from the outset but missed out, that her final choice could only be Chee Yat Bo ---- because this time she would not be distracted by extraneous stuff again. She will surely follow her heart, so that this time around she will not missed out again.

But at the end, the scriptwriter played a joke on us, she actually chooses Goon Sing?! Her choice came out of nowhere, without rhyme nor reason to it. Truly incomprehensible!

If the scriptwriter did this just to come up with an unexpected twist for its ending then it has obviously failed and backfired. An unexpected twist and turn of events may and can lure viewers, but this incomprehensible choice would only provoke viewers' condemnation. What should flow logically became inexplicable. Scriptwriter wanted to play the unpredictability card but in the process cheated everybody. Faced with such an ending, I suddenly realized that the choice to release this series overseas was right.

Posted 24 March 2010 - 03:08 PM
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Akazukin:  The only thing I would disagree with the article is that Twinkle didn't choose Goon Sing, the scriptwriter chose it for her. I think the greatest failure of this series is to write Twinkle's indecisiveness towards love, and the choice being not that hard to start with.

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