Friday, November 5, 2010

TVB ex scriptwriter's interview

Surviving TVB - an old timer tvb scripwriter-director's (Lau Sung On) retrospection over the changes at TVB through his 20 odd years of employment. Quote: The passion of yesteryear in tvb has been long buried if not dissipated by the commercialization and work ethics of today.

loose translation piece meal
Scriptwriter-director Lau Sung On said: Nowadays, many thespians and crew members' have this work attitude similar to be a monk for a day. The company no longer takes care of its people like how it used to, in return, they (employees) have lost their passion to give it their all for the company. Feeling tired, they would arrive late at work. Also, there are artistes who would read their script on the fly before the shooting of their scenes. Or some behind-the-scenes crew members are not prepared, inevitably creating numerous doing-things-on-the-fly (or winged it) employees. (e.g. revising script on the go) Since some thespians did not have a full grasp of the script, they improvised and winged it, giving a so-so performance. Don't wish to invest too much emotions into it (the company); thus won't get hurt because don't know what's going to happen next. Anyway, many TVB viewers will only watch the 1st three episodes and the last 3 episodes, and skip the middle. Because the story in between drags, and the artistes' acting; vague; did not use script so winged it.
eta: Lau Sung On (劉順安) was one the directors for Square Pegs, the Return of the Condor Lovers 1995, and Catch Me On.

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