Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ghost Writer: Siu Tsui

Akazukin: I really like Fala's performance where she felt the hug when PSL is hugging Sam Yu who possessed her body. Her realisation and feelings after realising it really comes off from her expression. But by the end, I sort of feel that the love she feels for PSL is not the romantic kind either. She just wants to be with him and be treated well and loved by him, but it's not necessarily romantic love. I sort of feel that way because she hardly shows any jealousy whenever PSL is together with Sam Yu. She only feels jealousy when she is neglected. The ending sort of killed PSL-Siu Tsui for me but didn't save PSL-Sam Yu.

Tamaya: As a fox spirit newly ‘born’ into the human world, unspoken and customary stuff that humans take for granted are all novelties if not unknown to her. Even to humans, feelings and emotions are toughest to decipher, must less understand. She knows she likes being with PSL because she feels happy and alive when she is with him. But as a newborn fox spirit, is she aware there are different types of love – does it matter to her? Because human rules, spoken or unspoken, are trivial if not unknown to her, for they are not hers or of her world, which until now, is the animal fox world. She likes the instant gratification of the happy feelings when she is with PSL, the laughter and the joy. She honestly can’t understand why Sum Yu can’t share PSL with her. She can’t see Sum Yu’s human point of view. Because she is still green in her newly acquired sentience, being a human is still exploratory and experimental to her, therefore confusing. How does she know there are so many kind of love? Sum Yu has instinctively judged a fox spirit using human perception and rules.

Siu Tsui feels the affinity with PSL even before her transformation – call it what you will, doesn’t matter to her, to her it is joy and happiness and tugging of heartstrings. To her, the feeling is good. It can be romantic because she is truly attracted to him, like a female attracted to a male. She wants to touch him (fingers), to get close to him (kiss him on his cheek) and to hold him and be held by him, and to be physically close with him. She wants to seduce him so that he can love her back. That wanting to seduce, is it instinctive in a fox spirit? All the feelings a human woman feels for man she loves, she, the fox spirit feels it too. Human feelings are rather new to her, what’s more, something so complicated as the feelings she has for a man. What does a fox spirit call that --- these feelings? In my mind, her love transcends romantic love; it is a sentient being’s love for someone she has cared even before she was born as a human. So how does one describe such a love?

Akazukin: Great and beautiful analysis you have here, tamaya. I'm actually also wondering what type of love Siu Tsui actually has for PSL. By the ending episode, I start to question whether her love is the romantic kind that she thought it was. Yes, Siu Tsui has the desire to touch him, kiss him, hold him, be held by him. But this type of desire exists in human's pets as well. We see dogs licking their master's face, cats brushing against their masters, sitting on their masters' laps, etc. This does not necessarily mean that it's romantic love.

Siu Tsui's jealousy is based on feeling sad when PSL neglected her, not really because PSL touched another woman. Her need to fight for his affection does not start when she saw PSL was with Sam Yu, it started because she felt neglected when PSL only carried Sam Yu and not her. It's the feeling of jealousy that platonic relationship can have, as child may be jealous of their new sibling for their parents' affection, sister may be jealous of brother's girlfriend because she no longer has the attention, etc.

Even the most forgiving woman would feel a tuck in her heart to see the one she loved with someone else, even if she is willing to endure the idea of sharing her man. But Siu Tsui does not feel so.

I'm just thinking that maybe, after all of these, Siu Tsui's love for PSL does not actually belong to romantic love. It's just that Siu Tsui feels that if the only way to stay by his side and seek equal attention from him as Sam Yu got is for her to become his lover, then she would want to become his lover.

Of course, because Siu Tsui is a fox in human form, it makes the matter very complicated. I really like your analysis, and it makes me realise that yeah, her type of love may not really have the classification to today's life, because we are not accustomed in merging our lives with fox spirit. For all we know, it may very well be a different type of love altogether, blended with a mixture of love coming from a pet and a woman.

Tamaya: haha! Yes, I like it, Siu Tsui's love for PSL is a kind of pet/woman love for a master. I like your more in depth analysis.

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