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Ghost Writer: PSL & Sum Yu - Selfish Ingrates?

Akazukin: Uhm, actually I was a bit appalled at how quick Sam Yu put the pearl into PSL's mouth and did not care what is going to happen to Siu Tsui. So was PSL after he came back to life and Sam Yu was leaving. Two ungrateful humans, but then considering how they treated Ko Jit, I shouldn't be surprised.

Tamaya:  ungrateful humans == human traits
'Two ungrateful humans, but then considering how they treated Ko Jit, I shouldn't be surprised.'
There, there, drink something to rid that bitter taste from your mouth.

Just like how a mother will instinctively save her child over another, heck, even between her own children, she will most probably save her favorite.

Akazukin: Thanks for the drink to clear my throat.

I have to amend my statement though, it shouldn't be two ungrateful humans, it should be one ungrateful human and one ungrateful ghost. 

But another part of the reason is likely because I was too pissed off with the way PSL and Sam Yu (actually mostly Sam Yu) reacted when Siu Tsui took out her pearl. Siu Tsui's granddad already said that it means Siu Tsui would lose 500 years of training worth and by the way he reacted, some people would probably think that Siu Tsui could have died. But the way Sam Yu ran like a race competition to grab the pearl and put it into PSL's mouth just got me and . And after that, PSL and Sam Yu didn't even pay attention to Siu Tsui makes me go . So when in the end PSL remembered Siu Tsui, I was too to feel touched.

Tamaya: Unless you were a saintly human, human beings are naturally selfish. In a split second moment of life and death decision, reactions are naturally instinctive and self-preservationary which ultimately will lead to either an utterly selfish or unselfish decision. Moments like this don't give much room to superfluous analytical decision like what would happen to ST; anyway SY probably didn't grasp, much less digest what yeye said about 500 years etc, what is more mind blowing to her is that PSL can be saved. Given the tumultuous moments where decisions are often affected by emotions and dire situations, nevermind a life and death situation, SY's instinctive reaction to grab the pearl and stuff it into PSL's is imo the ultimate show of unselfish love of one person to another. That SY even has the presence of mind to grab and stuff that pearl into PSL's mouth is a totally instinctive reaction born of a true, unadulterated love for PSL.

So from my pov, Sum Yu's instinctive reaction to save PSL's life with no thought for herself is the ultimate unselfish act to save the life of a loved one. But if SY didn't spare a thought for her own demise, why would she spare any for ST's plight who is after all not losing a life, just her human form, that's all. Putting aside the fact that ST indirectly caused her death therefore causing such deplorable and irrevocable situation, and putting aside the question of whether ST is wu yao or wu sin, the fact is, SY simply has no thoughts left for anyone else but PSL who she will be separated for eternity.

At the moment, PSL and Sum Yu have no thoughts for other people other than the thoughts of themselves being separated for eternity. Never to see each other again. A totally heartrending and unbearable moment. Take a mother whose child is quickly dying in her own arm, would she give up the chance to resuscitate him, would she spare another thought for someone's child who though hurt is not close to death unlike hers? Likewise, both SY and PSL have no thoughts for any one but themselves. It is moment of this that will unequivocally show the true heart albeit selfish heart. Yes, love is selfish. But in my eye, what Sum Yu did for PSL in giving life is the pinnacle of a selfless and self-sacrificial love for her most beloved.

Akazukin: Actually, I think you misunderstood me, or actually maybe I didn't make it clear enough. I wasn't really criticising Sam Yu's action of putting the pearl into PSL's mouth per se. What I was criticising was the way she did it, very quickly like a race competition has just started.

In the end, no matter whether it's from Sam Yu's point of view, or from Siu Tsui's point of view, I believe that it's their first priority to give the pearl to PSL because of their love for him. I'm not saying Sam Yu's action of putting the pearl in PSL's mouth itself as a selfish action. However, I feel that the scene can be done much tastefully.

If Sam Yu was like what you said, "SY probably didn't grasp, much less digest what yeye said about 500 years etc, what is more mind blowing to her is that PSL can be saved", there should be a little "struck" look on her face, that her mind is too pre-occupied with it to think about anything else. However, her expression did not show so. Moreover, I have a trouble digesting why she couldn't grasp what Siu Tsui's granddad said about 500 years. If she didn't pay attention to what the granddad said, then she wouldn't know that the pearl can revive a person. Moreover, the granddad mentioned about 500 years BEFORE the ability to revive a person, so it should stick to her mind before the notion of revival.

I can understand why she gave it to PSL and it's unselfish of her to give it to PSL instead of herself. However, it also has to be kept in mind that the pearl is not hers to begin with. Someone is hk discussion forum gave an example of a situation in modern life: Three people were kept in fire, and only one person has the tool for one person to go out and survive. This person is the third party, and so she gave it to the other two to escape. The other girl gave it to her boyfriend. In this scenario, if you were the other girl, wouldn't you feel even the slightest gratitude? I would. Besides Sam Yu didn't know that 500 years mean Siu Tsui would turn into a fox. But that means she doesn't know that 500 years wouldn't take Siu Tsui's life away. From Siu Tsui's reaction and Siu Tsui's granddad's reaction, anyone would know that it's a critical thing, and death is not a far-fetched guess.

And I also have problem with the notion that "Siu Tsui indirectly caused Sam Yu's death". I believe it was too far-fetched of a call. If Siu Tsui indirectly caused Sam Yu's death, so did PSL, so did Sam Yin, so did Sam Yu herself. PSL caused Sam Yu's death because if PSL didn't like Sam Yu, Ko Jit wouldn't have hated him and killed Sam Yu. Sam Yin caused Sam Yu's death because if Sam Yin didn't come to find Pak Ling, Sam Yu wouldn't come to know PSL and Ko Jit. I know where people are coming from saying Siu Tsui "indirectly caused" Sam Yu's death. They said it because Siu Tsui turned Sam Yu into a fox demon. But it has to be kept in mind that the fox demon incident didn't kill Sam Yu.

It has to be kept in mind that it was Sam Yu that told Ko Jit to help her against Siu Tsui in the first place (at that time, knowing that Ko Jit has turned into a cold-blooded murderer, but was too overtrusting just because of Ko Jit's confession and too desperate in getting rid of Siu Tsui). If Sam Yu didn't tell Ko Jit about Siu Tsui, Ko Jit wouldn't plot to use Siu Tsui to turn Sam Yu into a fox demon.

It also has to be kept in mind that after Sam Yu got saved from the fox demon incident, it was Sam Yu herself who decided to break up with PSL. Okay, even if she broke up with PSL, it's fine, but it was herself that chose to stay with Ko Jit. Anyone would think that having hurt Ko Jit in the past + Ko Jit become a very dangerous person now + He just got engaged to Ngai Hung, she should know how to preserve a gap between them. But she didn't, and all these were her choice.

I'm not saying that Siu Tsui didn't wrong her, but it's kind of unfair to blame her death on Siu Tsui, as the fall of events are too far away to say that Siu Tsui caused her death. If she died because she was burnt as fox demon, then yes, Siu Tsui caused her death, but not in this case.

Tamaya: Akazukin, You've had your say and I had mine, and going to leave it at that.

But Yeah, you're right, it was unfair to accuse Siu Tsui of Sum Yu's death. I stand corrected

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