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The growth of Wong Sheung as a politician

Posted 14 February 2008 - 03:13 PM
Quick analysis: The growth of Wong Sheung as a politician
Wong Sheung first appeared on scene as a pampered, immature and rather frivolous son of a wealthy rice merchant. At that time, he was a young man still wet behind the ears, filled with idealism, visions, and dreams of being a righteous government official, like his hero, Bao Qing Tian. How he would go about it, he had no ideas except for getting an official post; for hitherto, his life had been smooth sailing. His worst suffering then was having his hair look like Mickey mouse’s ears, and almost drowning. For that 'misfortune', his ghost tormented the culprit. But Wong Sheung has since grown up from such childish antics.

Even back then, his lack of political acumen notwithstanding, he was very astute, very quick on his feet, very quick to learn, very audacious and very eloquent. He instinctively knew when to use people language and when to switch to ghost language when interacting with different people. Most important, even back then, he knew what he wants of life and pursues it.

As a greenhorn official, he was unsure of himself and of his place; oftentimes, he felt the need to prove his worth, even to someone like Chan Sai Mui. During this period, he depended heavily on his counselor, Old Master for advice and for confidence. On his first case of mice and rice burglary, he was a ‘soft’ judge easily moved by the defenders’ sob stories. At that time, he was imbued with youthful indignation, idealism, and heroic bravado.

Over time, he hones his political skills, sharpens his discernment, polishes his innate craftiness and charm. By the time Old Master leaves him, Wong Sheung has come into his own; both as a confident, mature man and crafty politician. He can be ruthless too when neccessary. He now has a full comprehension of the inner workings of officialdom, as much if not more than his inflexible, fatalistic, and ultra righteous friend. Wong Sheung is no less righteous than his friend, only less fanatic, and more realistic. It is impossible to rid the country of corrupted officials. Both men knew this to be true. But they have different ideas on how to handle that situation. It precludes the inevitable break of a student from his mentor; Wong Sheung has indeed grown up from a young man who wished to be a righteous official to being one. It is due to his maturity and coolheadedness in handling life and death situations that he saved Old Master's life twice; once from the Su Brothers' plot and another time from being executed by the Emperor's edict.

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