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Steven Ma - Tse Wong Sheung

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Posted 25 March 2008 - 01:31 AM
His charm is irreversible, his talents are immeasurable, his talents are numerous, and what else but to say, he is an amazing actor and person as a whole!

Its one thing to be an amazing actor, but he is also one with a great heart. He has so many friends in the business and I've never heard, but a single bad thing about the man. It is a pity that his health is not as good as it should be, and I pray for him for the reason. He is definitely an actor I'd wish to see for decades to come!

I definitely enjoyed his relationships between:
1) Himself & the Townspeople - Honestly, if he isn't a great official, I don't know who is! Never was there a time where he does not put his people first! The way he cared for his people and yearns for their well-being, that just makes me wish the world would be filled with more leaders like him; LIKE YEAH, IN MY DREAMS! Right?! I love it when he stated that he is no more or no less better or worst than his people. He is willing to go through all ends to be them and help them. I JUST LOVE HIM

2) Himself & the 5 Guards - Though he always yells at them for being useless and lazy, he only says so joking. And every time he threatens to take away their month's salary, he never does so. He is such a great official and leader to his men; its very admirable!

3) Himself & Wayne Lai - WOW, I just love these 2 together. They are the backbone of the series, the HIGHLIGHT, the everything! I just love the way they complete each other and the way they understood each other with very little words vocally spoken. I mean, WOW, they are more than brothers, they were like a UNIT; one cannot function without the other. And that equations accounts for the perfect partnership! I was thrilled when I saw them together the first time but I was even more thrilled when I continued to see how well they are together. I must say that they are brilliant and the collusion between the 2 men makes my heart throb; everything they resolve a case together, my heart goes out to them. The more they work together the more I grow to love them. I cannot wait to see more partnership. I do hope they'll film another series like this in the future; a modern forensic/cop series would be great! They are both phenomenal actors!

4) Himself & Yumiko - He was the backbone of the relationship (acting wise) and the mastermind behind every encounter between the 2. I love his wit and charm, and the way he looks and talks to her; it makes my heart melt!

5) Himself & his Parents (especially Ha Yu) - Honestly, from start, I've loved watching him with the parents. Their scenes are just so SWEET. I love how Ha Yu and Steven are; they looked like real father and son! Without a doubt, I could see and measure every sense of over-protectiveness between father to son and vice versa! Charming were the 2. And with the mother. HAHA, the way he hugs her and adores her; darn it, if every son would tell their mother he loves her... That'll make every mother's heart melt, but men will be men, I don't see that too often, especially at that age! *SIGH* Anyways, I love their familial love!

STEVEN is such a superb actor, and definitely underrated! Despite his awesome acting, his series never really rates to a high standard, for some reason! Arggh, it upsets me that with such talents, he hasn't won a TVB Best Actor award. Honestly, he is far better than at least 80-90% of the actors in TVB!

Tamaya: Linh.e.Pooh, your treat's just gotten sweeter to me.
But I have to disagree with this observation of yours : "I've never heard, but a single bad thing about the man."

What actors/actresses (TVB or otherwise) haven't gotten bad press in their career? If you're Chinese literate and care to browse his fansites, starting with his baidu his good and bad are all posted there. But of course, all have to be read with a grain of salt. 

Linh.e.Pooh: THANKS...
But I emphasize again the phrase "I've never heard, but a single bad thing about the man." - I don't really update myself on Steven's info, I rarely visit his fansites, forums, and/or threads that are devote to him, but I do know quite a decent amount of info on his bio via previous searching and curious attempt to unveil who he is (but that was years ago).

You are right, what kind of actors or actresses (or in actuality, human in general), doesn't have a negative side or nasty rumors that ignite over something non-trival? Let's not answer that, as we all know the answer! But to my knowledge, I haven't heard but a single bad thing about him; not that it is rare, since I dont really update myself on HK entertainment news as much as I should, but I just wanted to emphasize that he is TO ME, a wonderful actor and person. 

Tamaya: Linh.e.Pooh, If still curious, check out his news and his blog entries in
http://asianfanatics...s...c=79&st=480    Steven is a very eloquent writer. 

Linh.e.Pooh: Thanks much, I shall skim it through and read thorough topics that intrigues me!  And it if of course we expect him to have an eloquence style of writing; remember, he is indeed an AUTHOR!  Stop me from gushing, but I must say, he's so talented! HAHA, singing, acting, writing, producing (this I am not fully positive about, but he does account for some say, right?!), and so much more.

 Tse Wong Sheung & his parents' scene
Tamaya: There's this scene where his parents, still thinking that Tse doesn't love Ah Mui, talk to him about getting himself a concubine. Whereby Tse sheepishly confesses his love for Ah Mui. His parents' confusion was so funny to watch. And just then, Ah Mui steps in and asks what's going on. To his parents' chagrin, Tse blithely tells her that his parents thought it's time for him to get 6 or 7 concubines. Ah Mui's smile immediately vanished as she implores her parents-in-law not to do that. but stops in mid-way, when she spies her husband's amused look. She asks: "Husband, why are you smiling?" So very innocent & cute! Tse, still amused, says indulgently, " I've you as my wife, isn't that enough?" Aw ! So sweet! All this time, poor confused parents still trying to make head or out of their son's change of heart. What a heartwarming scene that was. Well done!

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