Monday, November 8, 2010

Last Dance

Posted 25 October 2007 - 05:06 PM
Ka Tsun stares worriedly at Sum Ying. He is yet to find out about her eye condition. Ka Tsun persuades Sum Ying to skip the championship and go to the hospital for an eye examination. She adamantly refuses. They had put in too much effort and time into this championship to give up now at the crucial moment. She is determined to finish the dance with Ka Tsun, regardless. She says, "When I thought of you beside me, supporting me, I’ve the strength to see it through. We’re in the semi-final now. We can do it. Please, why don’t you let me?" Ka Tsun doesn’t have the heart to break hers, so against his better judgment, they take to the floor to finish up what they had started with such hope.

For their waltz, Ka Tsun leads while Sum Ying follows, willingly and trustingly. For although disoriented by sudden blindness, she is not adrift, secured as she is in her lover’s arms, guiding and supporting her. It’s a dance of a dream fulfilled, hard work rewarded, and the contentment of togetherness. The outside world falls away, as they glide and twirl in unison, lost in each other's arms.

screencaps credit: steven ma's warm house

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