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Ka Tsun Smittened by love

Posted 25 October 2007 - 11:58 PM
Discussion: When did Bernice fall for Steven, the man she mocks as "Uncle"? Was it the hug in this scene?
Look who’s just drop in – Uncle Steven, none other, leaning quite nonchalantly on the door frame, grinning devilishly at her. He’s in need of some comforting, so Auntie Bernice it is. (Or was he seeking his mommy?) Anyway…there's nothing like having a good ole cup of piping hot tea to perk up one's spirit, or inspiration, in Steven's case. After laying all out his frustration onto Bernice, Steven's wallowing in pity is timely interrupted by a heavenly aroma - Bernice's very own tea concoction, Steven's first inspiration through her. A crusher hug is her reward. So was it the hug?

At the end of epi 7, to Steven’s chagrin, he realizes he might be falling for Bernice, if not already. His musing, “Sh!t, can it be I like her?” says it all about his feelings on this change of heart, which is not good.

Episode 8 - 1st half
Thereafter his ‘epiphany’, Steven becomes ill-at-ease in Bernice's presence. His romance-free lifestyle might be coming to an end, but..attraction be damned, he’s not giving in without a fight. However, Bernice thinks otherwise, she openly woos him, from cozying up to him in the café, to making him a delicious slab of steak, and to knowing how he likes his steak seasoned with Japanese mustard. Bernice is my kind of a girl - she knows the shortest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but obviously not to Steven's.

Sunday night, Steven is at Wayne and Bernice’s flat brainstorming with the former on a new bottle prototype. Bernice surprises the men with a steak dinner. She couldn’t have been more explicit of her interest in Steven. However, the latter is not being his usual flippant self, in fact, he is so ill-at-ease that he stains his tie. A tug-of-tie ensues, with Bernice trying to get the tie off Steven, while him desperately wanting to keep it on. I guess Bernice looking quite ‘domesticated’ in apron does nothing to allay Steven’s fear of being ‘tie-down’. Lol! I love that stunt look on Steven when Bernice offers him the Japanese mustard. Also that fierce ‘don’t you dare ask’ glare he gives to Wayne’s questioning look. – Precious!


Epi 8-2
Bernice is too hot for Steven to handle.

Monday dance class at work:
Steven is partnered with Bernice, of course. Steven looks as tense as a coiled-up spring; his face totally impassive. After several missteps, Bernice becomes frustrated with Steven’s lack of concentration. “I’m your partner, you must concentrate,” says she. That is easier said than done, Steven’s concentration is already shot to hell by their close physical contact, and her roaming hands.

“You not only have to lead me, but also take me into your inner self, only then could I be in tune with you.” That the last thing Steven wants, is for her to get into his head. “You have to face the partner” – Steven promptly turns his head away, a gesture of resistance – unlike their dance in the dark, Steven is totally unprepared for the intense emotions surging inside him. They invaded him too suddenly and too strongly for even a feeble resistance on his part. His outward calmness is deceiving; he is but a mindless marionette in Bernice’s hands. His heart has taken over his mind.

“Breathe deeply together,” Bernice orders, and Steven obeys mechanically. “Actually I can feel your emotions.” Those very irrepressible emotions that burn inside Steven. Bernice feels the heat too. As Bernice gyrates sensuously to the music, Steven’s moves are tense and taut, like the marionette that he is. The Tango dance only serves to electrify their emotions and jerky movements, as they faced off each other, eyes boring into eyes, totally into each other, connected by the palpable ‘feel’.

The music stops. Marionette startles into consciousness. Steven couldn’t push Bernice away fast enough. He is disconcerted as is Bernice. He fans himself with his hand; his usual frivolity and composure completely kaput. Break time! Steven cools himself down with a bottled drink. Obviously Bernice is too hot for him to handle. Bernice moves away to the windows. Steven’s eyes, of their own accord, move along with her. He sees her framed against the window, and eureka! Another inspiration from Bernice. He lets out a triumphant yell. Bernice, misunderstanding his exultance, rushes over to him, and asks, “Have you thought of something to tell me?” A short “No”, and Bernice’s face fell. Bad Steven!

P.S. in Epi 10 dance in the dark - Bernice gives the needed shove to tip Steven into her arms, figuratively and literally.


Posted 02 November 2007 - 08:08 AM
The script was slanted in Bernice's favor, so it was really for her to succeed or to fail, luckily for us viewers, she shines brightly. Her acting skills, which imo, still need work, will only get better with time and experience.

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