Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lee Kwok Lun complimented Tavia and Steven for having a 'fire' inside them.

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gist Lee Kwok Lun complimented Tavia and Steven for having a 'fire' inside them.

Ever since the training class; bystander, customer, secondary lead, male lead, I have portrayed them all. Regardless of the roles, I will not admit defeat. For every series, I will memorize the script thoroughly, and do my best to perform my role. Whether other people do the same, I care not. But I will make sure I did my part well, and hope that I can inspire other people.

As an actor of over 30 years in tv series, this experience made me more discriminatory towards many things. When shooting Sits, there were a male and a female whom I thought “well deserved their harvests today.” They are Tavia Yeung and Steven Ma.

It was a 9 degrees Celsius day when Tavia had to shoot a water scene. At the time, she was not feeling well. So, after the scene was done she suddenly cried uncontrollably. After her crying fit, she insisted on returning to the studio to complete the rest of the shooting for the day. Only when so persuaded by other people did she decide to take the rest of the day off to rest. I observed that Tavia is truly a very diligent and ethical, professional actress. Also, she would not become snobby because of her status; she is still friends with her classmates from her training class.

I once mentioned that Ma Zai has the style/conduct ?? (風範) of Andy Lau of yesteryears. He did not know how to fight (in SITS), so he practiced nonstop in the outdoor scene studio. When discussing a show, he would, for sure, discuss it with much relish. During work, he was always charged with energy. I consider myself an ethical professional who also enjoys his work, but when compared to him I lagged behind. The fire/passion towards acting burns strong inside him. In this line of work, regardless front stage or backstage, all must have a ‘fire’ inside them. After 1997, the whole scene has changed. We often feel that the work quality has become sub par. But I feel that many of my colleagues rely on this bolt of fire to indefatigably challenge themselves, and to produce results that they can be proud of.

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