Wednesday, November 17, 2010

weibo nov 17

Tsui/y/y 11/17 10:52  I’m used to being “silent”, silently support those friends who don’t place much trust in me but whom I have much affection for in my heart.  Towards Grand Master Piggy (TN: Tai Chu; Steven Ma) I won’t be ‘silent’ but will publicly support this person who is both teacher and friend.  Calling all little piggies to logon to to cast your votes for Grand Master Piggy to help him win the honor of being tv king.  After the victory, will arrange a ‘piggy feast’ to celebrate.  Little piggies, ka yao!

Tsui/y/y 11/17 11:22 Unity is strength, thank you, everybody.

steven Ma 11/17 11:53 Thank you, Tsui Jie, for your support.

steven Ma11/17 12:11 Even though having an extreme day, still want to express gratitude for piggies’ support!  Thank you!  

sources: Steven ma weibo, tsui yong yong weibo, Leung Choi Yuen weibo. 

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