Wednesday, November 17, 2010

weibo nov 17 - Steven's encouraging words to fellow imperial bodyguards brothers

Uncle Choi 11/17 23:38 After n years of hard work, TVB 萬千星輝 (man chin sing fai) Imperial Bodyguard Troop will get the support of the common people. People who love Nip Duo Bo are not few. The newbie brothers in the blue-collar troop may probably be promoted to first class within a decade or so.

steven Ma: 11/17 20:08 This afternoon, I chatted with my imperial bodyguard brothers. They are the new generation of artists. Listening to them, I could really appreciate their hardship. Truly, in this day and age being an artiste is getting more and more difficult! But, regardless how situations may change, a person’s state of mind is what counts. How you see yourself, that’s how other people will see you! Once you nonstop developing your value, your self-confidence will naturally increase. Don’t waste time to complain. 學而思習而行is the best the policy! Brothers, let’s all work hard together!

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