Friday, November 5, 2010

Paco's interview of SM

Posted 25 January 2010 - 10:25 AM
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Part1: reminiscent of their early years in Steven's career. about his singing. Steven humbly thanked Paco for all the opportunities he had given Steven but that he did not grasp them. Paco disagreed- said the timing was not right. Steven said at the time, he did not know how to be a singer (My interpretation: he did not know how maybe because his principles prevented him from being packaged.)

part 2: said he was extremely surprised by the his cooking's excellent rating of 19 points since the last rating was 14 points only. He gave full credit to the behind the scenes staff and crew - esp. editing. And emphasized repeatedly that it was definitely a team work. He hopes that if can -- just him wishing that his 2nd cooking program could be filmed in foreign countries he has never been before like France or Italy. That he could cook and film whatever he sees cooking right then and there whether out on the streets or in restaurant.

Talk about upcoming album project which is still in its planning stage. Can release too much info as yet because they are still brainstorming and collecting songs. TVB forbids him from giving out too much info on it. But for sure, Watchdog theme song will the on it. Talk about watchdog dog's rhythm being too quick,

Talk about marriage -- Steven says once he married, his lifestyle as well as priorities in life will change to accommodate his wife and the kids they will have. So he needs to be sure he can provide such security for his family before getting married. Steven is so conservative in money saving that he has and will never invest in stocks.

Talk about cooking a candlelight dinner for his gf. A mixture of Chinese cooking with steak. Conclusion: it's not the food but the company that counts most for an enjoyable meal.

Talk about him making Japanese work just yesterday for his cooking show and making a mess of it because the cooking is different. 44

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