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Apprentice Chef 2

Posted 27 January 2010 - 01:36 PM
Thought it was Impossible for my admiration for Steven to go any higher, but after watching Apprentice Chef, it did just that. Undoubtedly, his cooking skill is impressive by itself, and that his show is very well thought out, well done and entertaining, but what is truly impressive is his parade of master chefs with stellar credentials, whom he was able to persuade to guest chef in his show. In ep 2, Chef Kwong Bin Kwan (鄺炳均) is a former cook for 2 past HK Governors namely: Sir David Clive Crosbie Trench (1964-1971) & Sir Murray MacLehose (1971-1982). He has also cooked for Princess Di & Prince Charles and their family during their visit in Hong Kong. When Sir MacLehose took him along on his visit to Queen Elizabeth, the latter hearing of his impressive culinary skill requested him to cook for her, which he did. Furthermore, as part of HK diplomatic entourage going over to Beijing for Hong Kong changeover negotiation, he had a chance to cook for Teng Xiao Ping. Teng was so pleased by Chef Kwong's signature duck dish 「寶鴨穿蓮」 that he asked to shake Master Chef's hand and complimented his cooking.

I like the format too.
It always begins with a theme of connecting to the general public
~~~~~1st ep -- capturing the moment
~~~~~2nd ep.-- persistence in work
during the sit down meal he will alternately promote his guest star and guest chef
& concludes with Steven graciously putting the last limelight on his guest chef by connecting the theme to his guest.

Steven connecting with the general public. Judging from their big smiles on their faces, Steven's sudden appearance brought them much laughter.

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Steven asks her (in red) how it felt to mix the prawns with the seasoning, she says it felt yucky. (nan sau) Steven gently admonishes her and says "we're going to eat this later, so we must season it with love." 

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