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2010 -8-19 Steven Ma’s New York Autograph Signing Event Created Chaos

Posted 23 August 2010 - 02:14 PM

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source - US Sinovision tv station
Steven Ma’s New York Autograph Signing Event Created Chaos
August 19th, Steven Ma went over to US-Canada for performances. His first stop was at a jewelry store in New York Chinatown for an autograph signing event, followed by a guest appearance in 2010 Miss New York Chinese Beauty Pageant. His attendance at the signing event attracted a huge crowd of fans from around New York city and other parts of America. Two hours before the event, there were already long queues of people waiting for admission. The owner of the jewelry store expressed that he likes Steven a lot, besides presenting him a solid gold home accessory; he also gave Steven a special thank you gift.

Source: Apple Daily 2010/8/23 5:13 pm
Steven Ma is greatly welcomed by mother – daughter team in America.
Last Thursday, Steven Ma (Ma Zai) went over to US-Canada for performances, and while there had an autograph signing event that attracted a huge crowd of overseas fans. Many came NY to Chinatown to support Ma Zai’s signing event which touched him.

Ma Zai saw the long queues of people that had already appeared two hours before the signing, among them were many mother and daughter duos. The mom generation praised Ma Zai for his performance in Ghost Writer. As for the young ladies, they like his singing a lot. Ma Zai said: “Thank you to TVB for letting me film such a popular series.”

source: On cc news 2010/8/23

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