Sunday, November 7, 2010

Editorial: Reason for the fanblog

Extracted from my AF 22 April 2010 post
I recall when I first got interested in Steven I voraciously browsed all his existing fansites then, scrolling through its news archives page by page. (One of the older domains has since closed, all the more pity because it had lots of ‘old’ pictures and news reports not to mention fans posting.)  I was fascinated by Steven’s back news that made interesting reading to while away the cold nights of winter for me. This man definitely has had lots of ups and downs in his life. Steven is a man with stories to tell. More amazing to me is how he seems to come up unscathed from his misfortunes and negative press. The saying goes: If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger and that seems to hold true for Steven.[..]

Besides my fascination with Steven, when browsing old posts I was also impressed by some of his fans’ good writing skills. Though I may sometimes disagree with what they wrote I enjoyed reading their thoughtful essays on Steven and their in-depth analysis of his series. Though most of his fans of yesteryear now seldom post, their words remain online for latter fans to re-discover, fans like me. The old fans’ passions for Steven and his series may have waned substantially if not gone altogether but their past passion stays forever in their posted words.  And this vestige of their passion has the ability to kindle the passion in their readers for Steven. Occasionally, an old fan would pop in to leave a line or two commenting that real life has prevented her from posting like she used to, nevertheless her support for Steven has not changed. That got me thinking, that and the appeal* from a former SM webmistress below, that one day reality would prevent me from posting, too. Before that happens, I want to pass on my passion for Steven and his work via my own fanblog to fans that will come later, fans like you all in here, hence this labor of love on my blog.

The inspiring post below is by SM's Warm House 温馨马仔小屋 webmistress . Eta 2014 Unfortunately SM's Warm House domain is now inactive.







07-02-04 13:56 by: 桔子.我是猫

Time flies, how many Steven fans have accompanied Steven from one phase to another phase of his journey? How many fans because of Steven have traveled the journey together? (tn: alongside Steven) They have witnessed Steven’s efforts, and also have witnessed Steven’s fortitude, in addition to witnessing their own growth….

Perhaps with the passing of time or changes in their lives, some of them have vanished from the forum(s); but the name, Steven Ma, still resides in their hearts and the beautiful memories of their journey with Steven forever a part of them. And now, we want to assemble these beautiful memories together and interlace them into a strand of colorful, luminous pearls – A Steven fans’ Memoir. Steven fans, I sincerely hope that we can use love, hope and selfless dedication to illuminate this pearl strand, to let it dazzle like the stars above illuminating our youthful years.

“That year, that month, that person - Ma fans' Memoir” 那年 那月 那人——马迷回忆录】records the journey of Steven fans will soon be released, please stand tune.  ---- July----

To new fans, this is new knowledge.
To old fans, this is reminiscing.

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