Saturday, May 8, 2010

Steven's 1st weibo chatting to fans about his mother

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2010-5-7 23:32  The day after, May 9th, will be Mother’s Day. Want you all to leave a word or two, words that come straight from your heart for your mom. What do you want to say?

I’ve not seen you for 11 years. I still love you. I’ll continue to love you. I’ll always love you. Wai Zai.

The photo is of my mom when she was young. 4th Brother looks a lot like Mama ba?

Idols are illusions; mothers are real. Want to say I love you? Say it to parents first.

Having said it here  (re: i.e fans leaving words for their mothers on Steven's weibo), now be brave and say the same to your mother tomorrow, ok?

True, sons look like mother, while daughters look like father. It's late, go to bed now. Goodnight!

Wow! Steven is a male version of his mom - a cookie cutter image, if you will. Steven looks so much like her. She looked so sweet in that photo. 

Steven is really a good role model to his fans, in this case, urging them to express their love vocally to their mothers. In some if not most traditional Chinese families, vocally expressing love to family members is not commonly done. Many fans who never did now vow they will tell their mothers they love her on Mother's Day, but some still refuse to. I myself am very demonstrative with my affection to my loved ones -- hugs and kisses aplenty and have no reservations in saying 'I love you' to parents and family members.

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