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thoughts on best actor

 re: hyn5 10-anniversary-time-i.
I too think that Steven will be awarded the best actor title this year but based on a different reasoning from yours.  It is no secret that tvb awards do not equate outstanding performances in a series, so in this sense your argument is academic and does not reflect TVB’s way of operation, which is all about bottom line.  To TVB board of directors, the awarding of best actor/actress is an economic decision; and to individual director, a show of political power and personal agenda.  Unless one is Chai Gou, talents or outstanding performances alone are not enough to snag the awards, artistes must have (a)powerful and influential supporter(s) who can lobby their cause.   

Wayne Lai - Even before NR was aired, I was convinced that unless NR’s ratings shot through the roof, Wayne would not be permitted to be a back-to-back tv king.  My conviction gathered strength as I watched how Wayne’s character was steamrolled over by his supporting co-stars, that even during his intimate scenes with opium addicted Gao Mui, he was mainly used as a foil to Sheren, who was the main star of those heartrending scenes.  In short, so far, Wayne’s character was simply not allowed to shine too much in this series.  NR’s unimpressive ratings and the netizens’ harsh critiques of Wayne’s overacting make it all the more convenient for TVB to cast him aside for the best actor award.  Reason : Wayne doesn’t provide too much economic gains for TVB.

Raymond Lam - That Raymond Lam’s role in MOL is nominated over his more substantial role in GTL is very telling for me, considering both co-stars, Damian and Bosco, are,  Obviously, TVB nominating RL for his role in MOL is just to hype up his popularity to their sponsors.  However, TVB will not be so utterly egregious in their show of favoritism as to award him the best actor award for a role that is so minor and a performance that is so lackluster that it has generated harsh criticisms, even among fans.  The bestowal of this award will not only damage Raymond’s credibility as a serious actor among the non-fans audience but also among his peers, too.  Reason: TVB maybe unfair but not stupid.  RL can create more positive hype as an award contender than as a tv king, for now.   Moreover, RL’s high economic value doesn’t need any hyping from the money generating award.

Steven Ma – For years, it has been reported that Steven is supposedly Catherine Tsang’s prize general and that she is supposedly his ‘godmother’, but I disagree based on my observation of his recent series since 2006.  Apart from Land of Wealth where he was second male lead, Steven has never participated in any grand productions, much less Tsang’s grand productions, or for that matter, with her other producers besides Leung and Tsui.  Forget about Tsang as godmother, Steven can’t even grab a corner of her coattails all these years.  But I guess Tsang must still care for Steven as she has indeed fought hard to keep him in tvb.  Recent reports have that Tsang will become more powerful in the tv series department once either V.L or TL is transferred to the movie production department. If it is true, Tsang becoming more powerful can only help Steven’s bid for the award.  In the past, Tsang did not have the rating leverage to persuade tvb to award Steven, but now she can use Steven’s double victories as the selling points of his economic value during her lobbying.       

For of course, it always comes back to the almighty economic reason. One way of promoting artistes for economic gain is through “fei man” (couple rumors) or through ‘couple appearance fees’.   In his AJCL radio interview, Steven said he has made it clear to tvb that he will not participate in any ‘fei man’ sham.  All very admirable, that; but for that, tvb probably deemed him as a most uncooperative artiste.  Because pray tell, how else could TVB promote their artistes? 

However recently, Steven has mentioned several times that Ghost Writer has brought him much recognition and economic gains.  The fact that a China records company actually negotiated the copyright to GW theme song may provide the economic thrust to persuade tvb that it is now time to promote Steven.  Also tvb is trying to penetrate China’s market, and Steven is very popular in China, where ancient costume dramas are enjoyed much more than in Hong Kong.  Also the huge turnout at his autograph signing event at NYC didn’t hurt either.  So if Tsang is successful in selling Steven as an a profitable economic investment for tvb, he will be the 2010 tv king.          

Moses Chan – Steven’s greatest rival.  Moses is capable of better performance than that in CBML.  If Moses receives this award, then obviously TVB thinks he is a better economic investment than Steven, what can I say. Only that Moses' advocate's presented a much more persuasive sales pitch than Steven's (if indeed Steven had one)  But Moses will be forever branded as an ott tv king.

Charmaine Sheh for the best actress.
Fala Chen for favorite female character
Kenneth Ma for favorite male character

eta: I don't agree with comments about Steven not having any or little luck in garnering the best actor award.  In tvb world, an artiste's luck or any of luck can be increased or decreased depending on favoritism.  If favor, then situation will be provided to create or elevate luck in terms of being casted in better character roles,  involvement in high profile grand productions, public engagement exposures, and outside jobs, etc. etc. 

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