Saturday, November 13, 2010

weibo nip duo bo

Love Duo Bo's pensive look.
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11/13 16:45 Apparently Ni Duo Bo in Thunder has a hidden family secret. This secret changed the course of Duo Bo’s life, and as a result of its subsequent revelation, a shocking conspiracy is uncovered. Thus begins the reign of bloodbath brought on by human warfare! And Duo Bo’s nature slowly changes because of this…. 

1113 16:45 〝紫禁驚雷〞中的聶多寶,原來有一個不可告人的身世秘密,這秘密,改變了多寶的一生,也因此揭發了一個驚人的陰謀。一場腥風血雨的人性鬥爭,也隨之開始!而多寶的本性,亦因此而慢慢改變........

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