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Today VIP - Apprentice Chef

feb 3 2010
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In Today VIP, Steven mentions that his monologue was supposed to wrap up each episode but during the take, he did not like the feel of it; that there he was giving his lengthy monologue while the girls just stood quietly beside him. He said one of the motives of the show is for the audience to see their growth in cooking skill. Also, since both girls are newbies, Steven wants the audience to get to know them better, so at the very last minute before the actual take, he changed his monologue script to include scripted lines for them. Bella expressed her appreciation for Steven's magnanimity and Steven in turn praises them for being quick learners and serious workers. It is just like Steven to be considerate of others making sure he treats his young assistants as part of the team instead of just being pretty vases. Beside being newbies, both girls have no experience in cooking whatsoever, in fact, in one of the episodes, one of them unknowingly held the blade of the knife instead of its handle. They are truly very lucky to start their tvb careers with Steven who is willing to help them grow.

Also Steven jests that Bella at 17 years old is so young he could actually be old enough to have fathered her. lol! When Bella was asked about working with Steven, she enunciates slowly: Steven is very serious at work. He is into everything, not just concerns with his part but also over the whole production. He made sure everything is well coordinated for the big picture. In fact, It is his suggestion that we should coordinate our wardrobe.

Steven: They are young so they can dress more in more brightly and rich colors clothes.

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