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new 2010-11-27 Virginia Lok will transfer from TVB; Stephen Chan Will Reign Supreme

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忽然一週800]樂易玲調離無綫 志雲一統天下
Although Stephen Chan has been charged with bribery by the ICAC, but due to the embattled TVB’s woes that include its impasse with the Big Four over royalties, the impact of laissez-faire television licensing next year, and its diminishing series sales in overseas market, 6th Aunt (Mona Fong), in the interest of the company,  has decided to take the risk of reinstating the lawsuit entangled Stephen Chan to his post for salvation. Stephen Chan not only returned with much grandeur but supposedly with his power increased, too.  Early next year, his nemesis, Director of Human and Production Resources, Virginia Lok, will be transferred to Shaw as the person in charge of film production development. And as such, Mr. Chan will henceforth reign supreme; no wonder he was in such high spirit on the night of the anniversary gala.

Some legal professionals considered 6th Aunt’s decision to let Stephen resume work to be risky.   Attorney Leung and Attorney Qin believed that TVB’s image will be further damaged if Mr. Chan is later convicted of his charges.  The reason behind 6th Aunt's risky move, besides needing Stephen for deliverance, is because of TVB’s imminent political change of weather!

Allegedly, 6th Aunt hopes to rebuild the Shaw Film dynasty.  Early next year Virginia Lok will be transferred back to her former post --  Shaw Films Production, and series producer, Leung Ka Su will follow suit.  An insider reveals: Last year the result from shaw movie was not bad.   The box office from The 72 Tenants sold 43,260 mil, so 6th Aunt is interested in making more movies.  But Ms. Lok who is in charge of the movie production is also in charge of artistes resources, therefore could not be totally immersed in the film production development.  With Mr. Chan back in his driver seat, her (Mona) heart is now reassured, hence, she thinks it is time to transfer Ms. Lok to Shaw Production.  

Stephen Chan in high spirit; Ms. Lok in static position; Catherine Tsang in the Driver's Seat.
Ms. Lok has been Mr. Chan’s long time nemesis, while Ms. Lok’s ally, Leung Ka Su, and Mr. Chan’s prize general, Catherine Tsang, have been in a continual battle against each other.  With Leung’s departure, the whole production department will be under Jan Jie’s control.  Ms. Lok’s position will be left temporarily vacant, whereby the human resources department will be jointly managed by Mr. Chan’s prize generals: Ho Lai Chuen (何麗全), Catherine Tsang and the person currently in charge of overseas market promotions and paid channels,  Mr. Mak Dong Kit (麥當傑).  Thus it can be seen that the future court is staffed with Mr. Chan’s people.   A TVB insider expresses: "Actually, Ms. Lok is not totally in charge of artistes resources nowadays.  Jan Jie and Ms. Ho are also involved in the cast selection for the series and the company’s promotional plan of artistes.  Now that Mr. Chan has returned and has successful retained Ms. Ho, with the departure of both Ms. Lok and Leung, Mr. Chan, Jan Jie and Ms. Ho will reign supreme.”   Plus  Mark Lee, who, at the time, had vigorously supported the reporting of Mr. Chan to the ICAC has had his power  greatly curbed.  For now, the power rests solidly in Mr. Chan’s hands. 

After resuming his job, Mr. Chan was kept busy in numerous ‘brain overdrive’ meetings with Ms. Tsang and Ms. Ho because since his job suspension, the momentum of paid channels has slackened greatly and the series sales in overseas markets have dropped drastically; Mr. Chan hopes that the company can package more profitable programs.  Allegedly, Ms. Tsang plans to produce more high profile ancient drama series because they have always being overseas market guarantee. As Ms. Tsang and Mr. Chan’s prize general, Steven Ma will benefit from the salvation plan. He has already being named in two grand productions, and when the time comes, Ma Zai’s popularity will sure to rise.  On Wednesday 24th, this reporter called up Steven on the phone, he said candidly: "I know that the company has two ancient period dramas in mind for me to shoot but the details are still not clear.”

Note: Yeah, Steven will be in two ancient period series alright  --- but most probably not grand productions as stated.  One of them is Steven as 2nd lead in Return to 3 Kingdoms, and the other one is probably the low budget GW sequel. And I will believe the prediction for Steven's rise in status and fortune in TVB only when it happens, until then I'm not going to hold my breath.  

Note2: I didn't translate the portion on Raymond Lam. Dire prediction for him and negative reporting on his work ethic and conduct at work. 

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  1. Hmmm...coincidentally, I read a similar report, though I also read one that said the exact opposite (that Lok would be staying and Chan would be resigning)...pretty much the way I treat these types of tabloid reports: I read just for entertainment purposes, then move on...

  2. In all I've read 3 articles concerning tvb wanting to transfer someone to develop its film production. The first news report mentioned that VL will be put in charge. Your piece is the 2nd report I read but TL would be put in charge and now this 3rd article. Who knows what's going to happen in the end.