Thursday, November 4, 2010

weibo Ah Wong, Selena Li
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11/4 20:02 This morning while filming “Thunder”, I met up with a doggie buddy. So very happy! Counting, it had been a year since we last met. When Ah Wong heard me called it from afar, it looked at me immediately and wagged its tail. I went over to kneel down in front of it and he licked my face nonstop, and put his paw on my thigh; it was extremely happy! I was so moved. I was thinking as I played with it: “See, even a dog has such sensibility but…..”, forget yet, not going to say what’s next. So we’re happy. Ah Wong, be good!

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11/4 10:03 Selena Li: Filming! Fun!
Steven: Selena, could at least write a few words gua! haha! We are presently shooting a dog catching scene in , "Thunder".
Selena: There's a limit to my Chinese. I did my best. Ma Zai, please help me write!Haha! now go catch my dog!

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