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Steven Ma: I yearn for a home

Below is old news dated 2009/7/10
Didn't translate it before because it reads like a news rehash, which it is.
Decided to translate it now because I would like to share the 1st two paragraphs here.


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Macao Daily News by 俞如
2009/7/10 Friday
His eagerness to learn benefits him.
I have watched Steven filmed a series numerous times already. He is always very considerate of the crew members and they in turn like to be around him. Before Steven gets into position, he will always discuss every minute details of his makeover with the responsible crew members. He learns a lot from their discussions, and now knows how to braid a Qing queue that is considered well done. Costume wise, he understands the appropriate ‘culture crane and martial tiger’ designs designated for various official robes. Also, applying basic make-up on himself does not faze him, even the more intricate drawing of the eyebrows, he can do it with much aplomb.

These days, with the help of the pros, Steven’s realistic makeovers now surpass those of the past. “As an actor, one has to have a realistic makeover for the screen character. I have acted in many ancient costume series, so now I'm very familiar on how to wear the different costumes properly. ” From not knowing how to fight initially to now doing a good job of it, Steven is very grateful to TVB martial arts instructors for their tutorage.

In Fighting Scenes, Stoic in Injuries
Through the years, he has acted in many period dramas, each drama requiring more fighting than the next. This slight-frame fellow - no one expected he could endure such arduousness. No matter which part of his body was injured, or which part was abraded, without a word Steven would just look for the antiseptic spray bottle and sprayed it on his wound, after which, he would then stand up, brush the dust off his clothes and said: “Mai Wai!” (Ready to roll!) The martial arts brotherhood, from initially disbelieving Steven would do the fighting himself to later believing he truly did not want a stuntman for his scenes, began to respect Steven's resilience and tenacity, and they have even become good friends now.

Tough Chew Chao man when sees the good will obstinately hold fast to it. The refined looking Steven, albeit a tough Chew Chao man with quite a temper, when sees the good will obstinately hold fast to it.

"My personality resembles my father’s. He doesn't talk much but he is very respectful to others and very responsible. If he made a promise to do something, he will get it done, no matter what.”

Steven learns from his father to take his work seriously, and to be respectful of other people. He respects his father even more for his faithfulness to his mother. (Steven's)

“Mother has passed over for 10 years now. His focus is now completely on us. Seeing his faithfulness to mother makes me believe in love. I believe that my parents loved each other very much. As a man, I naturally like being adored by a woman. I like having a lover who loves me only, and with whom I can share everything, even my work, I would like to discuss it with her."

Traditional Man yearns for a home.
During the past 6 years, Steven had a person accompanying him on his love journey. However, recently this love relationship is temporarily halted. But in Steven’s heart, this ex-girlfriend remains a good woman.

“My work right now is very hectic.  I can’t deal with these conflicted feelings just yet. Who knows, maybe one day, we might get back together again.”

Career oriented Steven, even though he has had plans to get married once past 30 something but year after year and now at 37, he is still single. “I, too, yearn for a home of my own, to have kids, best having a girl first, then a son. I believe an older sister will love her little brother…”

He smiles as his mind wanders off. Looks like if the time comes, he might even do a flash wedding.


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