Tuesday, November 23, 2010

weibo - November 23 2010

11/23 9:08  The 4 large 柵欄 brave warriors: Zhang Fei  (羅天池);   Wu Song (張漢斌); Lu Bu ( 傅劍虹); Zhao Zi Long (Me)Haha! Good Brothers! 紫禁驚雷中的大柵欄四勇士:張飛(羅天池),武松(張漢斌),呂布(傅劍虹),趙子龍(小弟)!哈哈!好兄弟!

The photo reminds me of a Rembrandt picture.
Zhang Fei  (3 kingdoms)   Wu Song (Water Margins); Lu Bu (3 kingdoms); Zhao Zi Long (aka Zhao Yun, 3 kingdoms) 柵欄 (?) railings, fence, pillars (?)


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