Monday, November 22, 2010

Steven introducing his tvb stunt double

11/22 12:03 Today I want to introduce to all you a good brother of mine.  He is my body double in my recent tvb series such as: Sweetness in the Salt, 7 Days of Isolation, and the currently filming series, Thunder in the Forbidden City.  His martial arts skill is excellent; nimble body, powerful punch; high somersaults, speedy rotations: and his kicks are “ding qua qua” (awesome!).  With his help, my martial arts becomes undefeatable in the world. Haha!  Btw, he’s called Ah Hin, Au Wing-Hin!  Your hard work is much appreciated, brother!

 今天向大家介紹我的一位好兄弟,近年我在TVB拍攝的劇集,"碧血鹽梟","隔離七日情"和現正拍攝的"紫禁驚雷",都是由他當我的替身!他功底非常 ,身輕拳勁,翻得高旋得快,腿功更是"頂瓜瓜",有他的幫忙,我的武功簡直变得天下無敵,哈哈!對了,他叫阿顯,歐榮顯! 辛苦哂兄弟!

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