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NY - Toronto trip - Photos

photos credit to: Tamaya
NOTE: I only attended Steven's autograph signing in NYC but did not watch his performance in the beauty pageant held Casino Mohengan Sun, Connecticut. 
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The signing venue is the store  beside the corner store.  @3pm

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The line in front of the stores. Shot taken at around 3:15 pm. and got longer and longer. And there was another line even longer than this one around the corner on the right side of the photo.

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see how the employees blocked  the crowd's view of Steven Tkf 4 `Gxd 
] =0D~3 o3

QY1 |:(  the stretch limo -  when the limo was sighted there was a commotion in the crowd and then they surged and surrounded the limo, causing major traffic problem.  Only Steven alighted from the limo.  After dropping off Steven, limo went to pick up Yuen who came like 20 mins later.

photos by xxcarolxx @ asianfanatics

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other sources

Louis: The 'golden horse' in Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant
Tamaya: WTH? lol! Oh! Steven, what were you thinking?
Steven as guest performer in 2010 Miss NY Beauty pageant

2nd set of costume
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3rd set of costume. I think Steven forgot to remove his bib from his lobster dinner.

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geliguolu wrote on her weibo: nice performance by 馬仔 (Steven) and 祥仔(Louis Yuen)

Posted 22 August 2010 - 09:25 PM

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the winners

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click link to enlarge.

Tamaya: Steven looks good in suit - in my opinion, would look much better without the distracting scarf. Can't believe Steven felt the need to blindly follow fashion trend in wearing that ridiculous looking pants with sneakers popularized by HK younger generation artistes. Steven, be yourself, wear clothes that you look good in not 'trendy' clothes that look ridiculous on you. Pardon my bluntness but just got to get that off my chest! Who here think Steven looks good in that pants?

nikki01: BTW, going back to the NY performance, I think Steven looked good in the black and white suit. The suit with a blue scarf was not bad either but the one with the `parachute' or `clown' like pants was really ridiculous. Overall, he looked suave and charming in the NY performance esp the part with all the beauties parading by one by one while he was singing on the stage. Like his gentlemanly gestures. It was an enjoyment seeing him high on his song too. I notice that in most singing performances, his movements were quite restrained unlike this NY concert where he seemed to be totally unrestrained and was fully immersing himself into the performance. Good job, Steven!

below pix posted by
She said though reprimanded by the staff member when she handed the pix to Steven, Steven interjected that it's ok, his signing of them wouldn't take too long and proceeded to sign them and even asked her name so that he could write it on one of the photos. xxcarolxx, we should not  be so 'obedient' but be assertive like Vane.

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This is the 2nd time I saw fans picking Steven's photoshop Li Bai picture for autographing. Wonder why?

I bet it was Li Bai's pic that made Steven go "Wah!" because he was amazed by how realistic the photoshop was. Though it was well-circulated among fans it was probably the first time Steven had seen it.


AF Posted 30 August 2010 - 07:41 PM
click link to enlarge to wallpaper - check out Steven's flawless complexion
wallpaper link
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Steven rehearsing with Miss Chinatown NY 2007 for his performance in the 2010 beauty pageant.

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US Casino Mohengan Sun
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Lobster dinner inside a restaurant in Casino Mohengan Sun
from tsui/y/y weibo

Posted 03 September 2010 - 09:30 PM
Steven's tvb blog is updated with recent Toronto trip.

and many more photos on
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Like Steven's cheeky look on the first pix.
Wah! Steven's patronizing fast food.

Steven's been packing in the calories on his N. American's trip.

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