Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2010 Steven Ma's New York Trip - meet and greet videos

youtube 1
youtube 2
youtube 3
NY Chinese News report:  NYC local tv station reporting on the signing event. Gist: The presence of TVB artists Steven Ma and Louis Yuen stirred up a whirlwind in the Chinese community.

SM's performance video:  youtube 愛之初体驗 

source: 見到鬼仔就嘰哩咕嚕

The video is a keeper! lol
Oh, how I wish I was in the audience watching Steven struts his stuff.  At 1:08 Steven's reaction was so funny when a woman shoved him on his side. Haha! In fact, Steven's whole performance was laughter inducive and thoroughly enjoyable. Fans call him "fung sao". I don't even know how to describe his performance, just that it makes me want to laugh every time I watch it which I did many times. Obviously, Steven was having a blast singing that song too, by what he wrote on his weibo, saying he was 'high' after singing that song.This is the song Steven said he messed up the lyrics but I'm sure only he knew he messed up with his audience none the wiser about his misstep.  But he sure seems high! His cheekiness was so reminiscent of the time he sang, "My Girl" on tvb 42 anniversary gala. For those who have not watched the video, you're in for a treat.

video 2: introducing the contestants as they stepped onto the stage

video3: skit with contestant

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