Friday, December 3, 2010

ASTRO Awards Results

most favorite leading actor: Moses Chan
most favorite leading actress: Charmaine Sheh
most favorite supporting  actor: Pierce Ngo*
most favorite supporting actress:Fala Chen*
most favorite villain: Dominic Lam
Astro 10 most favorite tv characters winners
1. Tavia Yeung  MOL
2. Raymond Lam MOL
3. Steven Ma GW
4. Charmaine Sheh CBML
5. Linda Chung GW
6. Kevin Cheng AFOS
7. Wayne Lai NR
8. Kenneth Ma AFOS
9. Moses Chan CBML
10. Sheren Tang NR
6 actors 3 actresses out of only 4 series: any correlation to  series popularity?  All other series are ignored.

Note1* Funny thing is No Regret has not even started airing during the whole month of voting so the votes were  actually based on perception.  Hence, poor Evergreen was overlooked.  And that CBML has just about finishing it airing around that time, so it was still fresh on voters' mind.

Note2* I guess Ron probably did not win because ACOTOB was aired too early in the year, people forget.
Note3: I'm surprised that Fala is not among the top 10 most favorite tv character.  I thought her little fox was more popular than Linda's character.  Guess that wasn't the case with aod viewers.

30 Nominees for 10 most favorite tv characters; half half actors and actresses
Myolie Wu ("A Chip Off the Old Block")
Ron Ng ("A Chip Off the Old Block")
Esther Kwan ("The Season of Fate")
Michael Tse ("My Better Half")
Kevin Cheng ("A Fistful of Stances")
Kenneth Ma ("A Fistful of Stances")
Flora Chan ("Suspects in Love")
Joe Ma ("Suspects in Love")
Ada Choi ("Fly with Me")
Bowie Lam ("Sisters of Pearl")
Tavia Yeung ("The Mysteries of Love")
Raymond Lam ("The Mysteries of Love")
Linda Chung ("Ghost Writer")
Fala Chen ("Ghost Writer")
Steven Ma ("Ghost Writer")
Sonija Kwok ("When Lanes Merge")
Kate Tsui ("When Lanes Merge")
Raymond Wong ("When Lanes Merge")
Jessica Hsuan ("A Pillow Case of Mystery II")
Bobby Au Yeung ("A Pillow Case of Mystery II")
Michelle Yim ("Beauty Knows No Pain")
Maggie Cheung ("Beauty Knows No Pain")
Joyce Tang ("Beauty Knows No Pain")
Raymond Lam ("Growing Through Life")
Charmaine Sheh ("Can't Buy Me Love")
Moses Chan ("Can't Buy Me Love")
Ha Yu ("The Comeback Clan")
Bosco Wong ("Every Move You Make")
Sheren Tang ("No Regrets")
Wayne Lai ("No Regrets")

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