Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Like Felix Wong has said, cast members have to resort to doing their own promotions, since they can't count on TVB to do it for their series.  So Steven is vigorously now promoting Links to his readers. 
2010-12-1 15:55 The Big and Small Ma sandwiching pretty lady, Natalie Tong, behind us is the bowling-ball head Fung. Us four are enjoying an afternoon tea.  Awesome!

2010-12-01 In the series, Yoyo and I had many scenes together, plus our characters’ conflicts, they are quite flavorful!  Earlier when shooting the promo, met Yoyo, and mentioned about a get-together; Ah Yo has not played badminton for quite a while now, got to drag her to play a brutal one. Haha!

2010-12-1 20:05 The two brothers of “Links”:  Big Dee (Sing Wai Sun), Small Dee (Sing Wai Yip)!  Even now Johnson and I still address each other as Dai Sai Dee.  Haha!  On and off screen, we are good brothers!  To ‘Links’ viewers, please remember 12/13 @ 9:30 pm. 

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