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April 30,03 2010
Steven - finding a Way to fight with SARS (Severe Acute "Rumour-Spreading")

Steven and Yeung attends the praying ceremony to ensure smooth filming of TVB's new telemovie. The recent rumours in two different magazines made Steven appear the rumourmonger. Thus, when he was asked to take a picture with Yeung, he initially refused to stand too near. Steven also refused to comment regarding Charmaine's statement saying that Sonija wasn't his girlfriend.

Steven said, "I will not comment on untruthful facts. I am learning to the art of tolerance now. Not only tolerating, I am also trying hard to stay undisturbed. (Not even clarifying on reports saying that you badmouthed Charmaine?) There is needless for explanations/ clarifications amongst friends. A matured person should know how to retaliate. (Not worried about your image?) I will just do my best and treat this as a path to The Way. (Trying to attain enlightenment and forsaking having a companion?) I am still researching on how to fight SARS."

Translated by VV in StevenMaDotCom


May 4,03
With SARS in mind, Steven requested for a change in script.

Steven and Shirly Yeung were filming a loving scene at a beach. However, Steven requested the director to cancel the kissing scene and change it to kissing the forehead instead. He explained it was due to the SARS virus. In order to maintain hygiene, it's best to avoid kissing scenes.

Surrounded by endless rumours, Steven is now very cautious in every step he takes, especially appearing in the public, on screen and in front of cameras. During the filming of his previous telemovie, Steven and Yeung read their scripts separately and they keep a distance from each other, as if strangers. When it came to actual filming, the two who were acting as a couple were supposed to film a kissing scene. Eventually, it was only kissing of the forehead.

When asked if Steven finds it a pity, Steven said he was the one who requested the change in script. Steven said, "I requested the director to change the scene to kissing the forehard. (Is it to avoid rumours?) SARS is getting serious day by day, it's best to avoid such contacts for hygiene purposes. (You don't seem to have much to talk to Shirly Yeung) This is our first time working together, we still don't know each other well. I find that she's very innocent and very professional." Steven also joked that the rumours surrounding him will act as his antibodies for SARS, so he's not afraid of being infected.
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May 9th
Steven denies having filmed beauty parlour commercial
Ever since Steven and Sonija turned the tables, rumours seemed endless. Recently, Sonija intentionally deterred Steven from becoming the male spokesman for a beauty parlour, she recommended Moses Chan for the job instead. Steven however, denied being approached for any commercial of the like. Steven said,"My company did engage in discussions for 3 commercial deals, but not one was about beauty parlours. (Will this affect your relationship with Moses?) Of course not, we are doing different things altogether and we always feel happy for each other's job. I don't really believe in such rumours."

In response to the recent rumours, Steven intentionally uses the 'No response' attitude. Steven said that some rumours are just made up and there are too many of them. He added,"They are not true, but I do not want to use the rampant method. Silence is still the golden word." In times of unhappiness, Steven feels he benefits from Lydia Sum/Seet Kar Yeen/Dave Wang's advice. They told Steven that rumours are a part of life and they only help him grow. They also said that in this line, rumours are inevitable. Dave even said that only those with high popularity will be roamed with rumours.

credit goes to VV for the translation


May 10th
Steven -- pushed by Shirley Yeung
Steven and Shirley co-acted previously in a telemovie in which Steven finally curbed his fear of heights in a scene where Shirley has to push him down a building. In that scene, Shirley unintentionally inhaled some smoke causing mental disorder. Shirley then threatened to jump from a 4-storey building to coerce Steven to accept her. In their tangle, Steven fell off the building.

After filming, Steven said,"I was so scared of heights last time, but I've experienced so much recently that I feel that heights is peanuts now."

Meanwhile, Steven bought an insurance policy from Lai Yeen Sun. Steven said, "Because I recently clinched some action-packed scripts, I wanted to do everything myself without using replacement actors, that's why I insured myself half a year ago, I recently increased my insured amount."

The filming of this falling scene helped Steven overcome his phobia for heights. Steven found it fun to act as Superman.

May 25 2003
Steven Ma had the opportunity of being a guest host in a radio programme. D.J. Albert had invited Steven to make a guest appearance during his time slot. Albert's award-winning radio programme also won him about 1.5 million listeners. Earlier on, HK radio station had a reformation of its schedule of programmes. With effect from June, this particular radio programme will be cast every weekday at 9pm. Albert will invite a guest each day. However, due to SARS, Albert had halted his invitations for a few weeks. It was until 18th May when the SARS situation was stabilised in HK that Albert decided to invite Steven. A few years ago, they had cooperated in one of TVB's programmes ¡m°Fªº±Ò¥Ü¡n. Albert admires Steven's good voice which was rare in the entertainment circle. The cooperation this time leaves Albert with praises for Steven's remarkable improvement in his singing.

Steven felt rather overjoyed about being to cooperate with Albert again. Steven said, "I was so caught up in filming recently. This programme gave me a rare chance to sing 'live' for full two hours. I really enjoyed it. I feel that Albert's singing tactics are superb. I have learnt a lot from him."

In the programme, Steven sang many oldies. During the song dedication section, a listener picked Danny Chan's ¡m©À¿Ë®¦¡n, Steven almost cried while singing as he suddenly thought of his deceased mom. Steven said, "If she is still around, at times of like this (SARS), I probably would be scared of going home for fear of bringing home the virus to her."


May 26
Yesterday during Deric Wan's interview, the host mentioned that he ran into Steven in the makeup room and Steven even addressed Deric as Mr Wan. When Deric heard this, his face went solemn and said,"I do not deserve that 'title'! I am not even close with him, and I am not interested to know him. Well, but he's a Nice Guy!" Reporter asked if he didn't know Steven, how did he know Steven is a nice guy? Deric was embarrassed on the spot and didn't know what to answer. So, he said casually, "I heard his interview before."

Sonija was asked about Steven. She said that she will not take the matter to heart since it's all over. Deric interrupted,"If the man is prepared to start a family, he will be responsible enough to speak up." When asked how many points he scores on this, Deric said Sonija should be the one to gauge.


May 28
Steven all armed to enter operation theatre.
Steven in his new documentary host programme image -- adorned in the doctor's robe

Steven was invited by the HK Red Cross Society to film promotional shots for his new documentary host programme "Doctor and You". He will be filming at a hospital in Chai Wan East Zone and Red Cross Society in Yau Ma Tei. In the host programme, Steven will act as a doctor, thus, the operation theatre will be used as a background for his filming. However, Steven is not afraid of contracting SARS as he is fully armed with the protection gear. Steven was astounded upon seeing the real blood pack. At the same time, the stress faced by medics become more transparent.

While filming in the operating theatre, Steven put on his operation robe. Regarding the green attire, Steven said,"Although it's a green hat, not everyone has the chance to put it on as it is meant for doctors only. I
regard this as a compliment."

Steven also revealed that when he first donated blood five years ago, he thought his blood type was O, like his dad's. It turned out to be blood type B. When asked if he donated blood on a regular basis, Steven said,"It's not regular as my schedule is always not fixed. Besides, if I am on medication during times of gastric pains, I am not eligible to donate blood."


Thursday, June 12, 2003
Translated by Em.

Nicola Cheung, Steven Ma and Cerina De Graca were filming for a beauty variety show and Nicola indicated that she had bruised her leg in an accident at home so she couldn't wear a short skirt. Earlier she had shot a sexy cover for a magazine, showing off her beautiful curves. When asked if she would be seeking more opportunity to make sexy films, she laughs: "No, my sexy days are over. I only found out on the day that the clothes would be so revealing, maybe there was a communiation problem between them and my agent, because the magazine had asked if I could be a little bit more seductive, so I thought I'd be wearing a little top, but when I got there there was just bra tops and bra's but because everything had been booked, I just had to go with it."

Nicola reveals that this cover had been doctored, saying that the only reason it looks so good is because it has been enhanced by a computer. She never realised it would make her look so much bigger! (Has she been offered more sexy work?) She says that maybe it is because of this cover that she has been asked to do this show. Some rumours suggest that "Jade Solid Gold" will be getting rid of Nnadia Chan, but Nicola says she doesn't know, as for whether she will go back to JSG, she says: "I'll wait until they ask me because JSG has it's own level of diffuculty as it really tests your reactions."

Steven Ma was asked whether he liked slim or fat girls? Steven says: "I don't like girls who are too skinny, I find overly skinny girls quite horrendous. (Who do you think has the best figure in showbiz?) Charmaine Sheh and Maggie Cheung, when I saw Maggie's magazine covers before, I called her straight away to say how good she looks, I think her figure is very balanced. (It's rumoured that Maggie has been having emotional problems with boyfriend Sam Chan lately, will you go after Maggie?) Don't be silly! We are good friends and buddies!"


Steven's news on June 28, 2003
Steven Ma and Cerina De Graca worked again after "Gam Pai Bing Yan" (Better Halves) on a special production called "Sau San Jung Yau Nei" (You are So Beautiful) where they play a couple. When talking of working with Cerina, Steven laughs: "In the show, we are lovers, but outside of the the show, I will only treat her as a little sister. Because we have worked together before, we know each other well so our more intimate scenes are easier to get into, I even poked my fingers into her nose!"

Filming on location in Sham Shui Po where Steven grew up makes him feel very homely. Steven says that the most exciting thing was that some of his old neighbours refer to him as "The Prince of Sham Shui Po". He says he was born there and spent his primary, secondary schooldays there and even lived there when he first started working so he can certainly live up to this name.

Steven says that in his spare time he will go to Ap Liu Street to look at the electronics shops and market because he will not forget his roots. Other people may see it as a place where the people are complex and rough, but to him, this is a place full of amazing people and friendliness.

June 30th, 2003

In the promotional event for "Better Halves", producer Mui Siu Ching had showered Moses Chan with praises but also pointed out about a certain star's "Two faces" that was misconstrued into meaning Steven Ma, so yesterday, Siu Ching stood out to explain her comment, saying: "I must point out that I was not referring to Steven and did not have the intention of doing so. When I saw the reports today, I felt very awkward because this is unfair to both Steven and me."

On that day, Siu Ching had received a call from Steven's colleague, saying that he was ill and had been referred to hospital and was unable to take part in the event. It was also asked of her to keep this news secret. Siu Ching says: "I have worked with Steven many times and many people know I care for him a lot. I don't know if it was because I said something wrong, so I need to speak out and help put things right. I have admired him all along, with his voluntary work and his books, he is a very hardworking artiste, with my concern for him, then why would I say such things about him." She reveals that they will be appearing as guests on a radio show later on in the week so they can clear things up further then.


July 2, 2003
There have been some reports recently that Steven Ma and Moses Chan have been fighting over Maggie Cheung, Steven responded yesterday saying: "Don't be silly, it's obvious whether it is true or not. (But you've wooed all the girls in TVB!) You must be wrong there!" He indicates that he and Maggie are the best of friends and he has marked his borders clearly that they will only have friendship between them. Steven also says that it is very difficult to find real friends in showbiz, however Maggie is very faithful and they can have a good chat. He goes on to say that the only great female artistes in the industry are Maggie and Joyce Coi. He laughs that he has become very afraid of rumours, especially these four-character stories: "Four people involved in rumours, like playing Mah Jong, but don't even involve me for that because I don't know how to play."

When asked about his earlier panic attack that took him into hospital and causing him to miss the promotional event and the problems that arose after this, Steven says: "Siu Ching has already explained this misunderstanding on my behalf. (Now they are saying it was someone else she was referring to.) They try to regain my innocence every time." He says that Siu Ching looks after him a lot and treats him like a little brother. Apart from the panic attack, Steven says that one of the bones in his spine is sticking out and this is causing his right arm to go numb when he sleeps, possibly due to a trapped nerve, he hopes that he can treat it soon.


July 3,2003 A group of artistes from TVB's new show "Better Halves" including Steven Ma, Cerina De Graca, Auguste Kwan and producer Mui Siu Ching took part in Nancy Sit's radio show at Metro Radio. Steven laughed that during filming, he often had to wear a set of golden coconuts and he casually slung them around his neck and held them up with his hands in order to create a funny picture. Because this is an ancient costume drama, he wasn't sure if this was appropriate, so he checked out the company's opinions and it was agreed there was no problem with this.

Earlier, Steven had missed a promotional event because of illness, during his stay in hospital, Joyce Coi and Maggie Cheung called him to see if he was okay and still alive! The joke continued after he left hospital when they said it was nice to see him still in this realm.

This was the first time that Cerina had taken part in a series, she feels that there is still room for improvement with her Cantonese, however this experience has made her fall in love with filming and she would like to do more ancient dramas. Cerina says: "I am not afraid of hard work, even if I have to fight, it's okay!" She also praises her colleagues, saying that they treat her really well and she has made many good friends, but she points out that she has had no love affairs: "I don't have the intention to start dating yet, because my career is more important."


JULY 5TH 2003

TRANSLATOR: Monchi_Wonchi
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Steven Ma has cancer? Don't scare me!
Steven has been visiting the hospital quite often, because earlier of Steven's sickness has came back again, also because Steven has been constantly having bloody nose with no good reason at all, adding on with his family's sickness. Steven worries that he may get this particular sickness because of genetic reasons, without telling his family and friends secretly visiting the hospital to have a body check. The result came out and there was nothing wrong, Steven took a deep breath and was just a little scared before the results that had came out.

Praying for an understanding
Earlier, the editors spotted Steven once again appeared at the hospital, due to earlier he went to the hospital and had a checkup and looked at the result, on the 29th of June he went to the hospital secretly to have a check up on the particular sickness, due to Steven often would have blood nose and his right hand has no sense, he told the doctor all the things that has been happening with his body to pray for an understanding, he checked his chest, waist with X Rays and had a few blood tests as a body check up.

When the result came out, there was nothing wrong with Steven, it was just his nose, it's because he blows his nose very hard, doctors says not to blow his nose very hard. Also, it was pointed out that his right hand had no sense, all he needs to do is more checkups and his right hand will get better very soon.

Steven doesn't want people outside to think he has a sickness, because of having a check up at the hospital, the editors told him to say a few words about the good news, he said "I am very happy, at least I know there is nothing wrong with me. Funny thing is the doctor, his waist is not very straight while my waist is straight, says I am very stubborn, I agree I am stubborn!"

Posted by sunshine @ StevenMaDotComForum


July 7, 2003

The cast of TVB's "Better Halves" made their way to the Lam Village in Taipo to pray for luck yesterday at the Wishing Tree. Steven Ma wrote his wish as 'High Ratings, Good Health and the End of Rumours' in the hope that his wish will come true. He says: "So much gossip makes me so frustrated, always writing about this and that, they don't write it when I am filming, only when the show is airing, it's nothing to do with me, they are so pointless! In the future, I will have to deal with these situations very carefully, just making sure I clarify everything first. I am not stupid, so don't put my name to every rumour or I will fall out with you!" Steven feels that Maggie Cheung and Joyce Coi are good friends so he doesn't need to hold back, but with friends he doesn't know too well then he will be more careful.

The artistes who took part were all very happy as the producer thanked them all with presents. The three main characters, Steven, Maggie and Joyce all received a set of gold cups and everyone else received a lucky packet. However, Moses Chan was not able to attend the gathering. Producer Mui Siu Ching mentioned that he is not well, with an upset stomach and sounded very weak on the phone, so she told him to go and see the doctor and hopes he will get better soon.

Also, Maggie Cheung has been filming two real estate advertisements in Guangzhou and rushed back yesterday to take part in the promo before flying out to a charity show in Atlantic City. The show has been delayed because of the SARS crisis, so on her visit, she will also be visiting a hospital in New York before going onto MC in Atlantic City. Guests at the show will inlcude: Edmond Leung, Aaron Kwok, Gigi Leung and Cheng Hei Yi. Maggie says: "I will stay there for a few days, but I must be back in Hong Kong before the 21st because there is a promotion sponsored with an abalone meal and I will definitely come back for that."


July 9th, 2003
Steven Ma joined with Leung Shun Yin and Chung Ding Don at an activity for the elderly sponsored by a gas company where free photographic services were offered to the 250 Elderly people present and Steven joined in with their games making them all very happy. Steven is very enthusiastic about community programmes and he plans to set up a charitable trust to help even more people.

He says: "In the next two years, my publishing company will be bringing out books about lonely old people, single parent families, young people and childrens, working with different organisations each time and giving a portion of the profits to the charities." He hopes that as the publisher matures, he will use its name to set up a trust and help those who need it.

Steven is always talking about 'helping people', if he became a politician, then wouldn't he be able to utilise an even bigger strength? He laughs when he hears this saying straightly: "Not everyone can take part in politics, to do this you need to be very educated and skilled."


July 10, 2003
Joyce Coi and Lung Koon Tin's Cantonese Opera troupe had two shows and in his capacity as student to Lung and good friend of Joyce, Steven Ma appeared to show his support and present them with flowers and gifts.

In the first night's curtain call, Steven took three bouquets of flowers up to the principle players Lung, Joyce and Ng Mei Ying and on the second night, he took a little horse for Joyce and a football player toy for his mentor.

Joyce was very pleased with her two nights' performances, especially as there was no competition between the opera singers. Lung mentioned that Steven is a very thoughtful person because when he took up the studentship, he gave him a foot massager.

This is the first time that Steven's mentor has worked with his good friend, so he feels it is a great occasion and came to watch it twice. He says he has gained a lot from it and this will be a great help to his own performance. He says it is hard to become a successful Cantonese Opera star, so he is pleased at their great show.

(report summarised)


July 14, 2003
Steven Ma took part in a fans event for his fourth autograph event, but the response from fans was as warm as ever and several hundred people crowded around to watch. Steven mentioned that he felt a little awkward because his new show "Gam Pai Bing Yan" (Better Halves) is currently airing, but he is singing songs from "Dai Nui Fa" (Perish in the Name of Love), however people are still very supportive. He will be releasing an album on 23rd called "Steven Ma - My Theme Songs" that is a collection of all Steven's theme songs from his ancient dramas. He also revealed that he will shortly be travelling to Tianjun and Hangzhou to do more promotion for a few days and that he is happy his popularity has spread so far into the mainland.

During the performance, Steven shook hands with the fans but one was frowning as they handed over a present. Steven explains this was because he didn't shake hands with the other side of the group. Steven was quizzed about why another fan was almost in tears as he spoke to her and he explains that this fan was really nice and had originally wanted to design a logo for him to put on an unofficial website and t-shirts but she was afraid he wouldn't like it so she felt a bit stressed. Steven says he is in favour of fans making websites because you can learn a lot from the process, but if it is too stressful and time-consuming then he says not to continue because being happy is more important.

Does he worry that his fans will do something excessive? Steven says has no concerns because he once scolded a fan for 15 minutes after doing something silly and he feels his fans are quite innocent. About Aaron Kwok's earlier promise to fans that he will not lose his virginity before he is 30, will Steven make the same pledge not to lose his virginity before he is 40? Steven laughs: "That means I will need to go to Shaolin!"

July 19, 2003
TVB's "Gam Pai Bing Yan" (Better Halves) held a promotional event yesterday and each of the cast members taking part received a watch from the sponsors, the mens' were worth $3800 and the ladies' were worth $4500 each, exceeding the limit of the present allowance for TVB employees from sponsors. Producer Mui Siu Ching explains that she didn't know the value of the presents and she sees this as a souvenir from doing the promotion, in the same way that artistes get paid for doing store openings and she is not in a position to refuse these on behalf of the artistes. She adds: "When they were filming they received a lot of gold as presents, if they are left over from filming then we give them to the artistes as souvenirs."

As for Steven Ma and Moses Chan, they had no comment about receiving the watches, Steven then went on to tell about his "gold-store", saying: "Every time we do a show, then we receive souvenirs, I don't worry about this being a problem, the payment is handled by the company so there are no problems there." Moses says: "I am not really sure, doing promos is different because the souvenirs are arranged by the company."

Cerina De Graca was frightened away from appearing at yesterday's show after she was photographed having dinner with Auguste Kwan, August explained the rumours: "Because Cerina is quite a good singer, I invited her out to meet some record company friends of mine. If I was dating her then we wouldn't bring our assistants along with us. We got on well when we were filming so having dinner is just a normal social activity. (Cerina is well known as a man magnet!) Don't say that about her, she is very direct, very tomboyish. You make it sound so bad, why doesn't anyone say I am a babe magnet?"


[Apple Daily 05/08/2003]
Steven plays happily with a young fan at the ferry port.
Steven Ma left yesterday with three big suitcases for Zhuhai to start a twelve day promotional tour of six Chinese cities. Steven said: "This is the first time my Mandarin and Cantonese albums have been distributed in China so I bought five or six sets of clothes, shoes and accessories especially for this tour, using about HK$10,000 which isn't bad. Among them are a pair of trainers that cost about $2000. However I need to change several times a day, so it really is a bit of a pain."

Steven will be going to Shanghai on this trip and he says that he intends to buy some property there: "My outlook on buying property is similar to that of buying clothes, I hope I can find something inexpensive, however it will only be used for holidays together with the time I put on expanding my career in the mainland."

Em at TVBspace News Roundup

August 14th 
Although he has been rushed off his feet these few days, Steven has not complained about fatigue, in fact, the enthusiasm of his fans has touched him greatly because at each of his stops, his fans have not only risen early to queue for his events for his autograph, when they see him they call out "Handsome Brother" to him! During this time, the press and the fans have asked this 31-year old what he wants from his partner. Steven responds that he will definitely get married and he had already wanted to start a family at the age of 30, but he is still waiting for his destiny to come.

So what does this Golden Eligible Bachelor want from his future partner? Steven says that she doesn't have to be too pretty, as long as they have a sixth sense for each other, she needs to be able to cook, be sensible and mature, have long hair and an Eastern appeal, best of all if she has a 'single eyelid' so she looks like him."

However, his biggest regret on the tour is that he hasn't had time in Xian to go and visit the terracotta army or to go and see the Shaolin Temple and the Judge Bao Shrine in Zhengzhou; luckily the organisers were very understanding and took him to try all the local cuisine after the events, even sampling his favourite streetside food, trying his favourite mutton skewers in Xian. Also in a restaurant he saw a real seal there and at first he thought that this was one of the dishes, saying: "I don't want to eat seal sashimi." Later he found out that it was actually the lucky mascot for the restaurant and was very relieved.

Steven is interested in buying some property in Shanghai because the property market there is constantly rising and as an investment as well as a place to stay, he feels it will keep its value.

Em at TVBspace News Roundup:


News on September 9, 2003
Steven Ma headed up to Guangzhou as a guest in a promotional event in a housing estate and his fans all arrived early to wait for him. As soon as Steven arrived the fans immediately enveloped him creating a warm atmosphere. Having performed on an outdoor stage, he said: "The weather in Guangzhou has been very hot and standing on the stage that day, I felt as though someone had switched on a big hose because my clothes were totally soaked."

Although he was drenched in sweat, this did not affect Steven's performance and when the fans caught sight of him, they immediately praised him and said he looked better than on screen. However the most surprising thing for him was the fans praise for his appearance in "Gam Pai Bing Yan" (Better Halves). Steven laughs: "They used 'very stylish' to describe me. I have never heard this phrase being used on an ancient character."

With Steven receiving such praise, this made him treasure more the chance of a close encounter he had with his fans. In the coming six months, he will be travelling often to the mainland to promote and perform, as well as his records, he will also be filming a series. In order to be in the best condition to face the busy work ahead, Steven is taking Chinese medicine every day to regulate his body and when he goes to China to work later, he will ask his colleagues to bring him some medicinal soup. He says: "In order to have a healthy body, I don't mind being a 'medicine pot'".

Translated by Em @


September 28th
Steven Ma has been opening his paths in the mainland and in the space of six months he has visited eight cities in China and his tight schedule has meant that he was not able to celebrate his tenth anniversary of being in showbiz on 27th September. However, he believes that being able to spend this special day working was very worthwhile.

Thinking back to his 10 years in the business, Steven admits that he has had a lot of experiences, some happy and some unhappy, the most memorable of which was the change that took place seven years ago. Steven says: "At the time I had only been in the business for three years and one day, my record company said to me that my image path was not the same as theirs and they were not renewing my contract. At the time I thought about leaving the showbiz circles, but luckily three months later Catherine Tsang invited me to film 'Yat Ho Wong Ting' (Files of Justice) and then gave me a chance to perform in 'Luk Ding Gei' (Duke of Mount Deer) and from this I managed to find another route so I thank the heavens for giving me this turning point and thank Producer Tsang for giving me this chance."

Steven says that in the last ten years, he has gained some results in the television circuit and he will continue working hard in the future, including his foray into the publishing business as well as breaking into the Mainland. Recently he was invited by Nanjing Television to guest star in their most popular show "Super Shake Up" where he performed a comedy sketch with a Taiwanese actor.

Also, he has also been presented with a set of very precious antique records by a senior friend and he says: "In the arts, I have always had a group of seniors who have given me support and advice making me overcome any problems or depressing times and continuing to be determined and work on, this is my greatest gain in these ten years." 

Credit to Em at TVB Space News Roundup.
October 5th
Steven Ma is being well looked after by TVB and has been selected to take part in the special Pre-Anniversary party. Originally he was unable to make it as he was scheduled to be in Malaysia working on a promotional trip for TVB's Satellite channel there, but Steven feels an honour to be invited by TVB and so he has made arrangements to leave immediately after the show for the ten hour trip to Singapore to catch the early plane back to Hong Kong in the hope he will be back in time for the ceremony at twelve noon.

In order to be part of the blessing ceremony, Steven will have to undertake a ten hour journey through the countryside and he laughs: "The rush has a feel of 'running away' to it and for safety's sake, I will not be sleeping! (You are certainly working yourself hard for TVB...) It is just my thought... I just hope that the plane will not be delayed and I can make it there smoothly." Also, in response to the news of his sister's cancer condition, Steven says that she is undergoing chemotherapy and her health is getting better and he thanks everyone for their concern. 


Steven celebrating Joyce Koi's birthday.
October 21st
Steven Ma appeared at a press conference for the TVB8 (Mandarin Channel) Music Awards and reveals that he does not have a Mandarin Song nominated, but only has one for the Cantonese section and so he feels a little awkward; however, he will be releasing a Mandarin Album early next year so this experience will be a good support for him.

Also, in this year's TVB Anniversary awards, Steven has nominations for "My Favourite TV Character", "My Favourite Male Lead" and "My Favourite Partnership (in a series)". He does not have much confidence in the Male Lead award, because his opposition Roger Kwok is too strong and losing to him is to be expected; also Adam Cheng is outstanding with new quirks each time he performs. As for the TV character awards, he has been awarded one for three years running already, so he is pinning his hopes on the partnership award.


November 7, 2003
In a singing competition arranged by the Hong Kong East Region and Junior Police Call, Steven Ma was invited as a special guest and was given the title as Ambassador of Crime Fighting for HK East, presented with a certificate and a baton as a souvenir.

Steven said that holding this real police baton, he felt it was a great responsibility and he will keep it at home as 'protection' for the home. He says: "I am very honoured to be presented with this as that is an old style police baton that is surrounded by a beautiful braiding that is only presented to very brave and outstanding police officers. To be given this even though I am not a police officer is a great honour, so I will keep this at home to keep as 'protection' for the home."


November 9, 2003
Steven Ma has been very interested recently in Chinese Culture and as well as spending a six-figure sum on studying jade, he is also planning to redesign his home into an one with an antique theme and atmosphere to it.

Steven has been busy studying jade by scouring the internet and teaching himself how to evaluate jade. He says that on one occasion, he spent over $60,000 on a Jade Guanyin pendant where the jade is able to reflect a person's emotional state. After wearing it for a week, the jade had changed colour to suggest that he was of a poor temperament and his emotions needed some control. Recently he has also convinced a seller to part with his beloved jade that was originally $15,000 but as the owner was also a Chiu Chow person, he offered it to Steven for just $2000. He has heard that if you can master the red sand palm technique, you can polish jade with your bare hands. He says that although he has spent a fair amount on jade, this is just the beginning and he believes that as jade is a stable investment because the price may be hard to guess for the future and you can also pass it through the generations, so it is certainly worth it.

Appearing yesterday at the "Reborn Heroes" Awards Ceremony and after having published a book earlier this year talking of long term illness sufferers, he fully understands them. At the ceremony, there were 'reborn heroes' who told of their own experiences and Steven was seen to be a little tearful, but he denied his later, saying: "Actually, I was happy and touched, some of these fighters have been ill for over ten years and have still not given up on life and in comparison to them, I feel I am very fortunate." Appearing at this event, he does not feel he has helped them in any way, but has helped himself to realise how fortunate he is. He has also been through the lows in life and his perspective on life is that there is nothing that can push his mood up or down as he faces everything with calm. He also says that as well as being nice to other people, he must be also treat himself well. His sister is currently receiving treatment for Breast Cancer and this has revealed to him how fragile life is and his love for jade stems from his love for his own performance. 

November 18, 2003
As it is fashionable to upgrade oneself, Steven Ma who has only a high school diploma has applied to start a distance learning universiry course next year and is currently looking at prospectuses. When asked why he wants to study again suddenly, he says that some of his seniors have criticised him for being poorly educated and suggested that he should study more whilst he is still young. Steven says: "In reality I find I am spending a lot of time on the internet every day and I should be able to put this time to better use in studying instead." Steven plans to study philosophy, buddhist studies, jadeology, Chinese history and social service. He says: "My biggest problem is my English is not very good, so I am choosing some Chinese subjects. (Why don't you just study English?) Because I have a female colleague who is very good at English and she can teach me."

Also, Steven once co-starred with Evon Yung in a telemovie five years ago and although he does not know her very well, he still wishes her the best for her forthcoming marriage.

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Busy with his second Mandarin album, Steven Ma spent nine days touring and resting in Beijing. This trip has been packed with events as he visited many famous hotpot restaurants and tried a lot of tasty foods. With his love of jade, he has also visited many jade and stone stores and bought some jades that he fell in love with.

As well as eating and leisure, Steven also had the chance to meet with his childhood idols - the five times Chinese champions volleyball team. It turns out that Steven was a sports enthusiast when he was at school and was a member of his school volleyball team, so when his friends offered to introduce him to these Chinese modest champions, Steven was very excited and touched. As they visited the National Training Stadium, Chen Yaqiong also offered him some tips on the game herself as Steven felt honoured to be able to play inside the stadium reserved for only the best of China's athletes.

Talking of the Gymnastics Prince Li Ning, Steven has nothing but admiration as he has always been Steven's idol. Although Li has retired for many years and is busy with his business, he has still opened a sports training school to develop and nurture future sports stars of China. As for the determination that Li has put into both his business ventures and his sport, Steven feels that he has much to learn from him.

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