Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Steven Ma Sighs saying to get an award will have to wait for a miracle to happen.


Steven was attending the blessing ceremony for his latest series, The Alarming Thunder in the Forbidden City, at TVB city. His two new series, ‘Links to Temptation’ and ‘7 Days of Isolation’ will both be aired early next year, which, of course, will be at a great disadvantage as far as the year end anniversary awards is concerned.  But he is confident, and cited ‘Ghost Writer’ as an example, which garnered high ratings despite being pitted against World Cup.  He jests: “All these years I’ve been fighting a battle, but getting an award will have to wait for a miracle to happen!”  He hopes his nomination will get him into the top 5, but what he hopes most is for Evergreen to get the best supporting actor award; he quips: “Fei Fan Gor eating crap (shit) this time will be well worth it.”

I usually wait to translate news reports because the more detailed articles usually take longer to come out before those quickie snippets of news. I translated the previous 'miracle' snippet because I thought Steven's quip on “Fei Fan Gor eating crap (sh*t) this time is well worth it.” was quite funny. Here's another cut and paste version on Steven's comment. So what did Steven really say? Will have to watch the video.

salient info @ takungpao;oriental daily
Last night Steven Ma attended Thunder’s blessing ceremony. He expressed that two of his news series will be airing soon. Given that fact, it stands to reason that most likely he will lose out again at next year anniversary awards. When asked if he feels disappointed that his new series never gets to air just before anniversary? Steven smiles and says: “A little. A Watchdog’s Tale is among the top 5 rated series this year. Not low at all. But because it was aired so early in the year, there wasn't much hype on it. And also like Ghost Writer, it has good ratings even though it was pitted against Ghost Writer. All these years in the industry, don't understand why my series are often aired during these timeslots to fight battles. If I hope to get an award then will have to wait for a miracle to happen. To be able to get into top 5, I’m already very happy. My only wish is that Mak Bao can get an award.”

source: @on.cc即时新闻

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