Friday, December 3, 2010

weibo 12/3 - Steven's 3 tvb sisters

steven ma weibo

2010-12-3 20:19 Of course I'm happy that Pu Chong Ling received astro ten most favorite character award but still not as happy as I was to encounter my three most beloved at the same time! 蒲松齡拿了astro十大最愛角色固然高興,但始終不及我能同一時間遇上我最疼的三個!

While both Fala and Linda have previously shown their support for Steven, Tavia, on the other hand, says she supports Moses for tv king. Of course, Tavia can support whomever she wants, just feel bad for Steven, that's all, especially when comparing his performance against Moses' . 

source: charmaine sheh weibo

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