Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weibo: Steven's hint of his upcoming marriage?

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2010-12-11 17:27 Falling in love with a person is destiny. To live a better life and to become a better person for the one you love is a privilege. This privilege will bring the person you love happiness; this privilege will enable the person you love to live a life of no regrets! 愛上一個人,是緣份。能為所愛的人而活得更好、變得更好,是榮幸。這份榮幸,會給所愛的人,帶來幸福;這份榮幸,會令所愛的人,一生無憾!

Together with his previous "Miss you" blog entry, fans deduced that Steven is giving out strong hint that his marriage is impending. Well wishes from fans are pouring into his blog despite some hearts being broken, but all are happy for him if he indeed decides to wed.

Steven Ma fans got to be the most prepared group of fans of their idol getting married soon.

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