Sunday, December 12, 2010

weibo: Steven's sick

Btw, Steven has fallen sick.

2010-12-13 13:21 Maybe due to inadequate rest, plus the temperament change in weather, I finally became sick. Suffering from a serious nose allergy and Tracheitis both at the same. Truly terrible indeed. Just taking a deep breath brings on the urge to cough... tonight whole night is action scenes, hopefully can get through them! God bless me! (Steven's own words.) 也許休息不足,加上天氣忽冷忽暖,終於病了。嚴重鼻敏感加氣管炎同時發作,果然要命,就連吸口氣都想咳.....今夜整晚動作戲,希望撐得過去! God bless me! *_*

People, do drop by his weibo with your well wishes.


Tsui/y/y  praise on Steven.
Tsui/y/y: 12/7 02:25 Tolerance makes people more handsome (俊)*, graciousness makes people more superior; I have witnessed a child's maturation, a process of progressive self-improvement that gratifies the an comforts his witnesses!

Steven fan: No matter how intelligent a child is, he still needs the guiding hand of an adult to show the way. Us children paying our respect to the adults.

Steven fan2: Besides his own diligence, a child's maturation needs both support and encouragement from people around him to progress. Because of you, he has become "the best" in our hearts.

Steven fan3: Very true, with support and encouragement, he will be imbued with more confidence therefore more self-confident in whatever he does!

I couldn't agree more with the fans' comments. Thanks, Auntie Tsui.


I came upon this quote from Stephen Butler Leacock, a renowned economist and humorist, and thought to dedicate it to Steven: "I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it."

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