Wednesday, April 27, 2011

4/27 Book of Words -- Artistes Embarrassed Themselves

[110427] (澳门日报)《正識第一》藝員出醜
Macao Daily News by 洪老大

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The tv show, Book of Words, hosted by Steven Ma would invite two artistes to participate in each episode.  The questions focus mainly on China's history, geography, cultures, language and the like; the content is extensive.  The show would also invite a Chinese Language professor to elucidate some allusions,  and explain the origin and meaning of words as well as idioms;  there's also the Chinese English proverbs parallel. BOW is not only educational but also entertaining, too.   However, some artistes' grasp of Chinese language is really poor;  they could not even answer simple questions or write the words, even when Steven has given ample tips, they still remained nonplussed or else came up with totally far out answers; really don't know whether to laugh or cry.  (tn: funny at the same time embarrassing)  Book of words, this kind of knowledge-based tv program often inadvertently made the participants embarrassed themselves.  (TN: by showing up their lack of knowledge)

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TN: Often times, if you don't use it (be it knowledge or skill) you'll lose it over time. Just like I know I won't do well in "Am I smarter than the 5th grader?" game show. So I'll give the participants a break.

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