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Apprentice Chef 2 similar to Iron Chef

@HKChannel sina weibo: Last night Steven attended the grand opening (HK branch) of a renown (Ningbo) Chinese restaurant chain,  「文鼎壹號」and got to taste Zhejiang local specialties.  Steven revealed that he will soon shoot the 2nd season of Apprentice Chef tv show.  When the time comes, he will appraise and taste delicious food.  Furthermore he has invited numerous artistes including Sonija Kwok, Fala Chen, and Tavia Yeung, as well as Cao Chung (Amy of Healing Hands 1) as guests.  The show will premier in May.

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Steven reveals that the format for Apprentice Chef 2 will be similar to Iron Chef 's (US).   He will invite three 1st class Master chefs to cook within a time limit.   After which, he, together with an invited gourmet guest and a celebrity guest, will partake in a food taste.  Because the others (chefs and gourmet guest) are all males, as contrast, he will invariably invite female artists as guests including Sonija Kwok, Fala Chen, Linda Chung and Cao Chung.   (But Sonija might be busy preparing her upcoming wedding?)  Steven laughs and says: "My program only takes 3 hours to record, so will not take up too much of her time."


2011/04/27  馬浚偉送玉牌賀曹眾生B
Steven Ma will give jade medal as gift to Cao Chung's Baby.

Steven Ma accepted good friend, Cao Chung's invitation, and attended the restaurant's grand opening to show support.   As to Cao Chung's new baby girl, he expressed he knew of it just recently.  He said laughingly that he would invite her to be his guest in his Apprentice Chef tv show.  He also said that he would give a jade medal to her baby: "The jade medal can stabilize (absorbs shock) and protect the baby to grow strong and tall!  I myself still have my amulet from young."   He also expressed his hope that Cao Chung will come back soonest to act in series.  He said: "I collaborated with her decade's ago  Have always felt that she was a good performer.  Her eyes are big and  can express inner feelings well."

TN: Cao Chung's baby has just past his one month's birthday.

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I am a former Iron Chef fan -- Love Bobby Flay.
Looking forward to Steven's new cooking show.

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