Friday, April 22, 2011

Ultra Proctection: Video clips of assorted episodes

The magic of camera, good lighting and makeover -- Calvin looks like Ah Jo's twin. 

Haiz, don't understand why the speech and audio do not match.

I love Steven's incredulous expression when he is splattered with raw eggs.  So well performed.  haha!

episode 2

Steven said he got such a scolding from Catherine Tsang for refusing to strip down to his shorts because he was too embarrassed. So Catherine scolded him for being disobedient in losing such an opportunity to act. Haha!

Haha! And so a fool and his money are soon parted. Steven's newbie performance was already brilliant with nuances and subtlety - his self-satisfied smirks, suppressed joy, bashfulness, his urge to brag and hold back at the same, and of course, his consternation and his petulant pout at discovering he's being dubbed, are all very well done.  Steven really does have an expressive and transparent face.  And of course the look and mannerisms of a well-educated and refined rich man's son despite his actual humble background.

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