Friday, April 22, 2011

weibo 4/22

4/22  21:13  
I was just 17 years old when this photo was taken!  Looking back at it, even I wanted to laugh too! P.S.  So as not to bring unnecessary inconveniences to old colleague, I could only 'star'  him!  Sorry!  Haha!  拍這照片時,我才十七歲!現在重看,我自己都想笑!p.s.為免對舊同事帶來不便,只好把他變星星!Sorry!哈哈!

TN: Steven has said that for his first job, because he looked older than his age of 16 (?) years old, he actually falsified his age to 18 years old in his employment form.   

4/21 19:34  Because my sugar level can suddenly plummet, I have to constantly remind myself to have with me food high in sugar content.  Honestly, whenever my sugar level plummets, I will become Hulk like, and transformed into a human beast.   Not kidding, Tsui Jie has seen it happened many times.  Heehee!  Just bought a lot from a supermarket, can last me a long time!  Haha!

由於血糖偶爾會突然下降,所以我會盡量提醒自己總要帶備一些糖份高的食物在身邊。真的,每當我血糖忽然下降時,我真的會像變形俠醫般變身,變身成一隻人形猛獸,不是開玩笑的,徐姐@蓉蓉細語 見得最多!  嘻嘻!剛剛在超市買了一大堆,可以吃很久了!哈哈!

TN:  What with his fractured bones and heart problem, Steven's health is really problematic, and his hectic lifestyle only aggravate his health problems.

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